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We're helping Canadian companies change how they manage employee engagement, from recruiting to retirement. Here's how we do it, in their own words.

Crohn's and Colitis Canada

How Rise helps Crohn’s and Colitis Canada focus on their important work (instead of paperwork)
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Envision Painting

Payroll and HR software that paints a different picture for Envision Painting
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Silver Springs Golf Country Club

How Silver Springs golf course tees up success with Rise solutions
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I love the response time from the Rise team. It’s so easy to connect with someone at Rise if I have a problem or if I don't know how to do something.

Annex Pro Testimonial
Kalinka Corlett
Director at Annex Pro company
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Of all the platforms I've had the opportunity to work on, I find that Rise really meets the needs of the customer, it's easier to learn and to take control of. We can now focus on more interesting things.

Jccm Testimonial
Sandrine Archambault
Executive Director of the Junior Chamber of Commerce Montreal company
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One of the things I appreciate about Rise’s payroll is its ease of use. Whenever we have a question or need help with something, the Rise team is always there to provide support.

Vancouver Club Testimonial Portrait
Helen Worth
Director of Finance & HR, The Vancouver Club company
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Rise makes our lives easier because it’s easy to manage our employees’ vacation. They can plan and apply for leave without stress.

E180 Testimonial
Sylvain Leclair
Chief Operating Officer at e180 company
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Time-wise, I save a good 10 hours each month thanks to Rise's synchronized digital tools. For me and for my organization, these hours are precious savings.

Mercure Conseil Testimonial
Hugo Delorme
Founder and President at MERCURY Consulting company
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I thought Rise was too good to be true. The transition and the implementation of the data went really fast and I was very well supported by the implementation specialist.

Stéphane Hoareau
President and Strategist at Timecode Lab company
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The team likes being able to use Rise HR for booking holidays, keeping track of birthdays, and for managing all employee information all together.

Valley Carriers Testimonial
Genny Loewen
People & Office Manager at Valley Carriers company
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When support is needed, Rise’s support agents are efficient and quick with responding. We never felt like an inconvenience. If anything, it felt like someone actually cared about our concerns and issues.

Moosehead Breweries Testimonial
Francine Grift
Benefits & Compensation Manager at Moosehead Breweries company
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The support team has always been great to deal with and the chat feature is very helpful as well. When I have questions or need help with fixing an issue, they respond quickly.

Arbutus Club Testimonial
Kelly Ye
Payroll & Benefits Coordinator at the Arbutus Club company
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Everything is laid out so perfectly and you can customize the screen to suit your preferences. I like how it's virtual in the sense that you log in to the website and you can chat with support right away. Payroll just doesn’t take me that long anymore.

The Ten Spot Testimonial
Laura Wittholz
CFO at THE TEN SPOT company
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I think it is very user-friendly and easy to use. The support team has always been great to deal with.

Makloc Buildings Testimonial
Amy Cornelius
Human Resources & Payroll Officer at MakLoc Buildings company
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As an HR person looking after 90 employees in three different offices, and remote, Rise has made my life so much better.

David Suzuki Foundation Testimonial
Catherine Gordon
CHRP and Director of Human Resources at the David Suzuki Foundation company
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It was a very good idea for us to outsource all the payroll to Rise, so that we could focus all of our resources on doing what we do best.

Cf Canadian Financial Testimonial
Alan Cheung
Vice President of Operations at CF Canadian Financial company
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