Create an unforgettable onboarding experience

Help new hires get up to speed faster, learn your culture, and become part of the team in less time—and with less paperwork.
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Make a great first impression

Give your new hire—and yourself—a better onboarding experience right from the start. Set the stage for an unforgettable onboarding with customized workflows. Gather important information from your new hire before they start, not on day one. Make sure everyone on your side knows what to do and when to do it.

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Roll out the welcome mat

Invite your new hire to get to know you—and get to know them. Give them access to the org chart, ask them to sign off on company policies, self-enrol in benefits, and more. Collect personal information that goes beyond name and address with custom questions about their birthday, shirt size, or favourite pizza.

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Stay on top of your tasks

Never miss an onboarding task again. Create checklists and custom workflows. Auto-assign tasks across different teams or departments to ensure everything gets done on time. Know at-a-glance where things stand and see whether tasks are done (or past due) with complete visibility into the onboarding process.

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Start your onboarding process

Make the right first impression. Put together a personalized email for your new hire, inviting them to enter their personal information online, including their mailing address and banking details, so they—and you—are ready to go on their first day.

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Share important documents

Never chase signatures again. New hires can read and electronically sign company documents beyond their employment contract, including company policies, NDAs, and more. You can track who has signed and when, and send timely reminders.

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Create templates to rely on

Work smarter, not harder. With customized task templates by department, role, location, or more, you can plan out your templates, create and assign onboarding tasks, and pick the right template when it’s time to onboard a new hire.

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Quickly access everything

Store all of your onboarding documents in the cloud. Access them from anywhere you have an internet connection. New employees can see and fill out any necessary forms in their personal library and share them with you when they’re complete.

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Know your data is accurate

Spend your time wisely. Don’t worry about entering data again. Onboarded employees have their information automatically synced with Rise HR and Rise Payroll to ensure that all of their personal data and start dates are accurate.

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