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Together in one place.

Give your team everything they need and want in one intuitive people-management platform.
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Employee Benefits

Affordable health benefits and an unparalleled digital enrolment experience.

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Powerful online software that automates compliances and minimizes errors.

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Time Management

Flexible scheduling and time tracking software that runs like clockwork.

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A sophisticated solution that supports employees from recruiting to retirement.

We make every stage of the employee experience better.

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Heart Plus Blue Employee Benefits

Give your people the best of both worlds.

Support your team with an unbeatable enrolment experience and group plans that ensure the right coverage at the lowest rates.

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A graphic illustration of an outline of a person under a magnifying glass. Recruiting

Find your next hire, faster.

People power business. We make it beyond simple for you to recruit, evaluate, and hire the very best people.

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User Plus Red Onboarding

Roll out the welcome mat.

Help new hires get up to speed, learn your culture, and become part of the team in less time—and with less paperwork.

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Star Check Purple Performance

Help your employees grow.

Employees are your lifeblood. Show them the value of their contributions with timely, transparent reviews.

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Calendar Teal Time off

Request time off in no time.

Employees can view their balances and request time off anytime, anywhere. You just approve in a snap.

Scheduling Homepage Image
Scheduling Dates Orange Scheduling

Spend more time on growing your business.

Let teams manage their own schedules and shifts. With compliance built-in, all you have to do is approve.

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Clock Ornage Time Tracking

Make better use of everyone’s time.

Automate time tracking and never waste another minute calculating employee hours or accurate pay.

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Dollar Sign Purple Payroll

Run payroll from anywhere.

Pay employees accurately and on time. Get unlimited pay runs, less manual work, and 100% compliance.

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Companies of all shapes and sizes rely on Rise. You can too.

Give your employees, and yourself, the experience we all deserve.

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