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Encourage employees to achieve great things with guided feedback and career conversations that boost happiness, productivity, and engagement.
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Reimagine the review process.

Feedback should be a loop, not a straight line. Swap the dreaded annual review for recurring performance reviews that build on each other and help employees thrive in their role. See where your employees excel and which skills they need to continue developing. Provide timely feedback and work together on upskilling and upcoming goals.

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Don’t start from scratch.

Unless you want to. We’ve done the legwork and put together a bank of questions proven to generate useful and actionable feedback that fuels employee growth. Build out templates using our question bank and/or add your own questions. Cut down on duplicate tasks with customizable templates that match your workflows.

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Review the way you want.

Everyone works differently. Get the whole picture with robust 360° review cycles that capture feedback from the employee, their peers, direct reports, or managers. Create a guided post-mortem review on a project. Support employees with weekly or quarterly reviews with managers and build a culture of continuous improvement.

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Start your review process

Set up a review in less time than it takes to read this sentence. Choose your question templates and participants, select your dates, and launch. Once the review cycle starts, everyone gets automatically notified so you don’t have to do a thing.

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Review yourself and others

Complete a self-review or provide feedback on your team or peers. Gain clarity into your strengths and understand your blindspots. Assess individual and team productivity, and capture opportunities for improvement and professional growth.

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Stay updated on progress

See who’s done and who’s not ready. We’ll take most of the work off your plate with automatic smart nudges that take into account the stage and progress of every reviewer, what reminders they recently got, and then personalize the approach accordingly.

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See the past, and the future

Improvements take time. Revisit past feedback to track improvement and plan for future success. See what’s been addressed, identify any common feedback threads, and spot areas where an employee could use more coaching and guidance.

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I’m so glad to have this performance assessment tool, it is rocking my world!”

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The performance management function looks great and the user experience is straightforward.”

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Talent Director

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