Time Tracking

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Automate time tracking and employee pay calculations with intuitive software that runs like clockwork.
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Make every minute count

Our timesheets, time clocks, and punch options allow you to create a time tracking system that matches the way you work. Opt for a traditional hardware clock or ask employees to punch on their devices.

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See and control time

Get a bird’s-eye view of all employees’ hours for the day or week. See who punched when, what kind of hours were worked, plus you can always manually adjust things if you need to.

Pick Your Punches

Pick your punches

Employees can punch in on-site using a time clock or terminal in whatever way works best for you: face or touch ID, user ID card, or PIN. Off-site? Employees can clock in and out on their mobile device—and with geolocation or IP tracking, you know they’re working where they should be.

Approvals Made Easy

Approvals made easy

No need to review every minute of a timesheet. You can set parameters for automatic time approvals and automate overtime, breaks, and more on our Time Approval page—with manual overrides for extra control.

Manage Your Project Hours

Manage your project hours

Labour is a critical part of every project—track costs and customize how hours are recorded in timesheets to keep your spending on budget, and know your employees or contractors are paid accurately and on time.

Break It All Down

Break it all down

See where your people are working, who’s working, how much they’re working, and so much more. Highly customizable reports provide insight into labour costs, assist with overtime compliance, and show you how punctual your employees are.

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