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Forget spreadsheets or manually calculating time off accruals. Employees can view their balances and request time off anytime, anywhere—and you approve in a snap.
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Give employees control over time off

Employees can view all of their time off information on their personal dashboard, including days available, type of time off available, request history, accruals, and more. And when requesting time off on the app or online, they can manually adjust for half-days or even just an extra hour off for maximum flexibility.

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Customize your time off policies

Offer more to your employees. Create custom time off policies and carry-over rules that are in line with your company’s vision and values. Give time off for birthdays or work anniversaries. Reward employees for volunteering by giving them a paid day off. Automatically account for seniority time off bonuses.

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Easily submit time off requests

Employees can quickly review their time off balances and submit a request, either online or on the mobile app. Once you approve a request, the system will automatically calculate and update the employee’s new remaining balance.

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Decide who needs to approve

Add more flexibility and control to time off requests. Give multiple stakeholders the option to approve or deny a request. Allow instant approval for certain types of requests, such as sick leave, so your employees aren’t left hanging.

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Get instantly notified by email

No one has time for miscommunications. Once an employee submits a time off request, you’re notified by email with a direct link to approve or reject, and add a comment. Your employee then gets notified of your decision by email.

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See who’s away, any day

Never have a “Bueller” moment again. It’s easy for everyone in your company to know who’s taking time off and for how long, so managers or PMs can better plan essential meetings and multi-team projects without any delays or surprises.

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Connect to your fave calendar

Once you approve a request from your team, their time off is automatically added to your work calendar such as Outlook or Gmail—so you’ll always know who’s away on any given day without any extra work on your part.

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Don’t think about syncing

Time off tracking is a cinch. Once you approve a request, it’s immediately and automatically synchronized with Payroll, meaning your employees are paid accurately and you have complete Employment Standards compliance.

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Rise makes our lives easier because it’s easy to manage our employees’ vacation.”

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Rise has made time management so much easier to manage.”

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