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A people platform designed
by people, for people.

We make it easy for you to be super organized, with one place for your documents, onboarding info, benefits, payroll, time off—the lot of it, and more.
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Be a person, not a title

When you grow your people, you grow your business. That’s why our platform puts employee growth front and centre of people management. Celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, and job changes. Showcase people’s interests and their talents.

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Lay it all out for employees

Create custom org charts to help new hires see who’s who at your organization and better understand your structure and connections between employees. Plus, leaders can spot role gaps and make more informed personnel decisions.

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Never second-guess your data

We make it easy for you or your employees to access and update information on the fly, from anywhere. And any changes are automatically synced across the platform, which means that your data is always up to date.

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Give your people the right information

With roles and permissions, you can create tiered permission levels to control what people management information is viewable. Employees see what they need to see and update only what you give them access to—so you never have to worry about being the data bottleneck again.

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Celebrate everyone’s growth

Customize employee profiles with important dates such as birthdays, work anniversaries, promotions, and other milestones. Set up timely reminders so you never miss an opportunity to reward or recognize employees, which helps increase engagement.

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Chart your entire organization

Foster connections and help everyone know everyone. Clearly map out team dynamics with a functional org chart that includes employee photos and direct reporting relationships. Gain clear insight into planning for restructuring, resource allocation, or new hiring initiatives.

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Share growth insights

Easy as pie—and you know everyone loves pie. Use dynamic filters to create unlimited custom reports that show you exactly what you want to see, including headcount, salaries, and turnover. Give managers access to create reports on their own staff and download team reports.

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Enhance communications

Create a home for all of your company resources. Share your company vision, mission and values, upload your HR policies, assign onboarding tasks, and more. Every data point that’s important is accessible and discoverable by everyone, on desktop and mobile.

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Tools to be your best

I feel perfectly in control of the details of my organization and of my employees’ files.

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Stéphane Hoareau,
President and Strategist,
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Get digital signatures

Send employment contracts, policies, and other company documents by email—and track who signed and when.

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Do everything, securely

Sleep soundly knowing your data is stored securely in the cloud with enterprise-level encryption.

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Find what you need

Manage everything in one place, with seamless workflows that get everyone in the right flow and back to doing what they do best.

Absolutely love it! Never used a system where employees can do so much for themselves.”

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Tanya Wylie
RW Matthews Agency company

We don’t have an HR department so it's essential for us to be supported. The Rise team came through for us. ”

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Sylvain Leclair
Chief Operating Officer

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Give your employees, and yourself, the experience we all deserve.

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