employee check-ins

Build rapport and employee engagement.

Nurture and engage your team with two-way conversations that help you enable growth, performance, and upward feedback.
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Make time to motivate.

Stay in touch to avoid being out-of-touch. Employee check-ins fuel insightful, engaging conversations with your direct reports. Use check-ins to share feedback, surface talking points for 1:1s, and see where employees are excelling—and where they could use more support to be at their best.

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Think full circle, not silos.

Employee check-ins seamlessly connect with goals, so your team can update you on ongoing tasks too. This adds context to your conversations and helps you get comprehensive insight into how things are going. Plus, you can identify blockers and setbacks before they affect deliverables.

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Rely on reminders.

Automated email and in-app reminders help keep everyone on track and their focus where it needs to be. Managers and employees can keep the conversation going while meaningfully—and honestly—engaging in productive discussions around work and career development.

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Choose when to check-in

Customize your check-ins for the way you and your team work, not the other way around. Pick how often check-ins should happen, on which day, and at what time. Check-in frequencies can be the same for the entire organization or customized by each manager.

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Get insights into everything

Get the low-down on when employees are feeling low, and when they’re at their best. A scale of emojis prompts employees to reflect on their time while the pre-selected questions are designed to provide insight into priorities, challenges, and progress.

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Don’t drop the ball

At the end of each check-in cycle, managers are automatically nudged to read and respond to employee feedback. Choose from suggested responses or craft your own, review progress on goals, and find conversation topics for your virtual or in-person 1:1s.

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Put it all in perspective

All employee and manager responses are saved and can be referenced at any time. Plus, with helpful insights, you’ll see an employee’s recent sentiment, any trends (upwards or downwards), and participation rates for both manager and employee—helping you spot signs of disengagement early on.

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