2023 Product Update

We’ve worked on 70+ upgrades to the Rise platform. And we’re just getting started.

Our focus in 2023 was entirely on upgrading the Rise product experience. Over the past year, we’ve worked on dozens of platform improvements to help you raise the bar for employee experience.
All 2023 Rise Updates

Platform improvements


Graphic Platform Improvements

New sign-in experience

We updated our login page to give you and employees a fresh experience.

In-app notifications

Get notified in-app about performance reviews, check-ins, goals and time off requests.

User status report

New report to help you manage your employees access to Rise.

Multi-org sign-in for 100+ organizations

An easier way to find the organization you want to be working in.

Revamped live chat

Connect with an agent in seconds. No bots, no long wait times. Available 8am to 5pm PT to clients on all plans.

95%+ client satisfaction

Rise support is better than ever. Our CSAT has been at 90%+ for 12 months running, with record-fast response times.

Platform status page

Get real-time updates about any technical incidents or unplanned downtime.

Planned maintenance updates

Get insight about any scheduled maintenance as soon as you sign in to Rise.

Assign add-on roles

Assign access to Scheduling and Time Tracking and Recruiting right away without making someone an admin.

Create custom roles

Create completely brand new roles with any number of permissions.

Improved report filtering

Filter and save reports based on columns in the report.

Save reports for later

Save reports with filtering, sorting and column options selected to revisit at any time.

Manage columns in reports

Control what columns you see in a report.

Permissions viewer

See what combined permissions a user has when assigning them a new role.

Customizable default roles

Update permissions in default roles to make profile creation faster than ever.

New permissions

Now you can customize who can review reports, access the org chart, view teams, departments, positions, performance management, and more!

Payroll Improvements


Graphic Payroll Improvements

Unapprove pay runs yourself

You can now unapprove pay runs yourself. No support tickets or phone calls required.

Integration with Xero

Rise’s easy and intuitive Xero integration makes creating journal entries from Rise Payroll to Xero seamless.

3-day funding for small businesses

Any clients previously on 5-day funding can now approve payroll closer to the pay date.

Payroll updates for 2024 tax year

We've updated 2024 tax rates and minimums as well as CPP calculation rules for 2024. We also added the new Canada Dental Benefit box on 2023 T4 (Box 45) and T4A (Box 015).
*Note: this information is not filled in automatically as it’s not captured in payroll.

HR improvements


Graphic HR

Robust employee creation

You can now create a more complete profile in the People Directory, meaning fewer to-dos to remember once an employee's been created.

Flexible esignature order

You can now set up eSignature templates where the assignee is not first in the signing order.

Improved department management

Manage all your departments from one simple location. Group your employees accurately for payroll and reporting.

Compensation ranges

Add compensation ranges to your job postings and recruit right from within Rise.

Demographic reporting

Track how your company is doing on diversity, equity and inclusion with gender and age demographic reporting.

Headcount reports

Easily pull a report of employee headcount.

Performance data, summarized

Easily access past performance reviews from your employees' profiles including self, manager, and peer feedback.

Concise, accurate employee journeys

Edit incorrect journey events and remove irrelevant events so that employee journeys are accurate and reflective of their history and growth.

Inclusive gender options

Non-binary and undisclosed will soon be available as choices for current and onboarding employees.

Task due dates

Assign due dates to provide a sense of urgency and help ensure that tasks are completed on time.

Enhanced task notifications

In-app notifications and nudges ensure that tasks are completed on time and reduce the chances of tasks slipping through the cracks.

Flexible task assignees

Assign tasks to primary managers so that they can be reused for onboarding any employee.

Emergency contacts report

Easily generate a report of your employees' emergency contacts so that you always have the information handy.

Comprehensive all employee list

Generate a report of any employee data, including custom fields. No more need to download multiple reports and combine them in Excel.

Scheduling and Time Tracking improvements


Graphic Scheduling And Time Tracking Improvements V2

Smart unscheduled punches

When an employee creates an unscheduled punch, Rise will suggest the next logical action to take.

Department selection restrictions

Configure if your employees can punch in or out from their assigned departments only.

Time approval audit trail

Review who changed a status and when on each time entry in Time Approval.

Department grouping

Now it's even easier to manage employees and time entries as the departments can be grouped by payroll organization in dropdown menus.

No data to display in reports

New error message to inform the user there is no data matching the selected dates.

Delete schedules

Clean up your schedule by deleting irrelevant schedules.

Time Off improvements


TimeOff SubmitRequests Image1

Time in lieu

Allow your employees to earn time in lieu after working extra hours.

New Reports: Time Off Requests, Policy Accruals and Audits

Now you can generate a report with key time off data, sort and filter without having to download the data first.

View away today for all employees

With this new permission, easily manage who can see the employees who are away today.

Simpler "ready for payroll" steps

Now when you click ready for payroll, we'll warn you only about unapproved entries between the last time you were ready for payroll and the selected date.

Access time off reports

Provide access to time off reports with this new permission.

Time off tag in Time Approval

An easier way to differentiate time off requests on the Time Approval screen.

Time off balances clarity

Available time off will be much easier to read and access.

Rise Health

Make 2024 your year for employee wellness

Rise Health group benefits packages are built for digital convenience, but designed to support employees body, mind, and soul.

1 0 0 BPlus Plan Overview Enrolled (GSC Version)

Get modern health coverage and run it all on one system. Digital self-enrollment, mobile accessibility and built-in integrations with Rise payroll & HR let you take compensation packages up a notch without taking on extra paperwork.


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