Scheduling and
Time Tracking

Manage hourly employees and contractors with confidence. Track shifts and projects in one place, and always how and when the work’s getting done.
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Employees can view, swap, or pick up shifts online or on their mobile device.

Mobile Punches

Forget outdated technology. Employees just need their smartphone or tablet to punch in or out.

Cover My Shift

Employees can request to have their shift covered, eliminating no-shows.

Email Notifications

Notify employees of schedule updates, shift changes, and requests.

Open Shifts

Allow employees to pick up shifts that fit their schedule.

Employee Time Off Sync

Know who’s away, when. Any approved time off is automatically synced with timesheets.


Employee Scheduling

Build employee schedules based on location, department, or position in minutes.

Multiple Locations

Schedule teams across one or many locations to scale your business with ease.

Shift Eligibility

Match shifts with employee qualifications and availability.

Recurring Schedules

Cut down on work and schedule in a snap by copying existing schedules.

Shift Notifications

Keep everyone in the loop with email notifications about upcoming shifts, any shift changes, or requests.

Shift Coverage

Respond instantly to changes, and post or cover shifts automatically.

Find Replacements

Offer open shifts to qualified employees and get notified when they’re filled.

Mass Editing

Edit schedules or approve changes and time off requests in just one click.

Time Tracking

Flexible Timesheets

Customize timesheets to collect whatever your business needs for any type of employee—exempt, non-exempt and contractors.

Mobile Punches

Employees can clock in and out on any device—tablet, computer, or smartphone.

Advanced Time Clocks

Punches are validated by face or touch ID, user ID card, PIN, and more.

Terminal Punch

Allow employees to punch in and out using a regular tablet, with no need for dedicated hardware.

Shift Adherence

Keep labour costs down by preventing early or late clock-ins.

Smart Approvals

Validate data, make manual overrides, and approve employee timesheets—all online.

Labour Law Compliance

Automate pay calculations and compliance with overtime, paid and unpaid breaks, and other labour requirements for salaried and hourly employees.

GPS Timesheets

Track location details and time entries using GPS or geofencing for real-time visibility and accuracy.

Import to Payroll Sync

Transfer your time data to Payroll with just one click for error-free processing.


Detailed Reporting

Gain visibility into labour costs, overtime, compliance, and more with pre-built and custom reports.

Scheduling Reports

Gain insight into shift and time off information for departments, locations, and employees.

Time Tracking Reports

Get a clear understanding of how many hours and what type of hours your employees are working, plus how they’re punching in and how punctual they are.

Give your employees, and yourself, the experience we all deserve.

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