Pay everyone accurately and on time, minimize manual data entry, and put tax compliance on auto-pilot. Because payroll shouldn’t be a pain to run.
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People Management

Direct Deposit

No cutting cheques anymore. Send employees’ pay straight into their bank accounts.

On-Demand Pay Stubs

Give employees detailed pay stubs that show deductions, YTD information, reimbursements, and more—always available in Rise HR or the mobile app.

Document Access

Employees can access pay stubs and T4s online, on the mobile app, or by email.


Create departments for employees and contractors for better reporting and management.

Time Off Accruals

Create time off policies that track employee vacation, time off, and sick leave balances, so you don’t have to.

Salary Updates

Update information just once. Any changes to an employee’s salary or hourly rate are automatically applied everywhere.

Split Payments

Let employees allocate their pay between multiple bank accounts.

Payroll Administration

Automated Payroll

Automate payroll deductions and calculations.

Pay Previews

Preview pay stubs and your work before finalizing a pay run.

Batch Uploads

Upload earnings such as bonuses, tips, and commissions in one go.


Pay contractors and automatically file and remit taxes.

Custom Codes

Create your own earning codes for extra flexibility.

Multiple Departments

Stay on top of expenses with detailed department-by-department cost breakdowns.

Multiple Pay Rates

Pay employees at different rates based on multiple positions in each pay period.

Custom Pay

Create the type of pay that works for your business—you can customize by shift, weights, multiple compensation types, and more.

Multiple Pay Schedules

Create a pay schedule that fits the needs of your business and your team.


Calculate the right deductions including pre-tax or post-tax deductions for your team.

Benefits Deductions

Automatically calculate the right benefits deductions, including the employee and employer percentage split.


Accurately calculate garnishment withholding and automatically send payments to government agencies.

Free Unlimited Pay Runs

Run payroll whenever you need to, with no restrictions whatsoever.

Payroll Integrations

Seamless Sync

When you make a change in one part of the platform, the change is automatically reflected in all other parts, which means no time-consuming data re-entry.

New Hire Onboarding sync

Sync new hire information with payroll before an employee’s first day so they—and you—have less to worry about.

Time Off Sync

Don’t waste time on time off calculations. It’s all automatically calculated and synced with Payroll.

Time Tracking Sync

Track hourly time worked and time off—and have that information flow straight into Payroll.

Benefit Deductions Sync

Once employees enrol in benefits, we’ll calculate and sync deductions for you.

Journal entry mapping

Rely on Rise and the tools you already work with, including Xero, QuickBooks, and FreshBooks.


Full Payroll History

Look back on everything with a record of every payroll you’ve run.

Payroll Reports

Generate and download standard or custom reports whenever you need them, including the payroll register, year-to-date, remittance, and journal entry reports.

General Ledger Reports

Generate payroll reports that can be directly imported into your accounting systems.

Job Costing Reports

Understand how much you’re paying for labour for different positions and projects.


Automatic Tax Remittance

Go paperless and worry less. We’re connected to all government agencies and automatically file EHT and CRA remittances for you.

Automatic T4 Generation

Send employees their T4s or T4As on time with our straightforward automated process.

Year-End Processing

Reconcile your T4/T4A/RL1 slips at any time throughout the year.


Don’t stress over compliance—our tax engine follows all Canadian regulations.

Give your employees, and yourself, the experience we all deserve.

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