How a Vancouver landmark puts their people first with Rise payroll
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How a Vancouver landmark puts their people first with Rise payroll

Rise | July 5, 2018

The Arbutus Club uses Rise payroll to help cut down on time spent doing administrative work, so that they can focus on their members and their employees.

A Vancouver landmark since 1964, The Arbutus Club has a solid reputation among Canada's finest premier private clubs. Their modern recreation complex offers an assortment of facilities and programs, first-class food and beverage services, and a focus on putting families first. 

If I need some changes made, I can directly change it myself - changes are easy to update within the platform.

As the Payroll & Benefits Coordinator, Kelly Ye holds the responsibility of processing payroll and administering benefits for all of The Arbutus Club’s employees. Prior to Rise, the company used a payroll provider that they ultimately found to be very archaic and not user-friendly. In several cases, “following the steps was hard, and if a step was missed, you could not run payroll properly. You would have to call them to ask them to fix the problem.” This caused a great deal of concern: “If the problem occurred on payroll day, it wastes time, because the phone lines would be busy and it would take a long time to wait for someone to answer your call.” 

The support team has always been great to deal with and the chat feature is very helpful as well. When I have questions or need help with fixing an issue, they respond quickly.

After making the switch to Rise, The Arbutus Club was relieved to find that payroll processing became easy to do with an easy to use software. Among the pluses Kelly highlighted when speaking of the benefits of Rise were the time-saving nature of the services, a more feasible pricing structure that “costs less”, and an excellent customer support experience.

When an employee provides the wrong banking information, the payment will be rejected so I will have to do it again. With Rise, there is no extra charge. It’s the same with ad-hoc runs, with no extra charges involved.

Thanks to Rise, The Arbutus Club can put even more emphasis on applying the “putting families first” philosophy towards their organization’s people. 

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