Why a Canadian financial institution switched payroll providers to Rise
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Why a Canadian financial institution switched payroll providers to Rise

Rise | June 27, 2017

CF Canada Financial made the switch to Rise People in order to allow them to better invest their time in their people—not their payroll processes.

We recently visited our client, CF Canada Financial, to take a tour of their modern downtown Vancouver office and find out how they like working with the Rise People Platform.


As stated on the company's website, CF Canada Financial was founded in 2000 and “has grown into a leading financial services organization that sets the benchmark for excellence, know-how and customer satisfaction”. With offices all over Canada, the company offers “world-class training, business development and marketing support to Canadian financial advisors”. They are one of the nation’s largest life insurance and investment solution distribution networks.

When we arrived at CF’s office, which boasts stunning views of Vancouver's North Shore mountains and the Pacific Ocean through its airy wall-to-wall windows, we were greeted by Alan Cheung, Vice President of Operations and Giovanni Bitelli, Executive Vice President.

All of the payroll services are being done by Rise and they have done so very accurately and very timely.

Once we sat down with them, we asked Giovanni to tell us what he thinks makes CF unique. His answer was as impressive as his office space: “We believe that people make a difference. What we really want is to enable our advisors to do a spectacular job with their clients...success is a people-interdependent process.” CF is a people-first organization, which is one of the reasons we at Rise love working with them—we, too, believe that people power success in business, so to be successful, you have to put people first.

We chose Rise because Rise was willing to take up two processes for us—both payroll services and T4 and T4A issuance.

Alan continued, “Now, we don’t need to do the reconciliation. Now, we don’t need to do the comparison. We don’t need to double check...Rise will do everything for us...They actually mail out all T4A’s to every one of my advisors and also to the CRA…It was a very good idea for us to outsource all the payroll to Rise, so that we could focus all of our resources on doing what we do best…”

Now, we don’t need to do the reconciliation....Rise will do everything for us.

Alan went on to say that he would “definitely recommend Rise to other businesses” and pointed out that one of his colleagues had recently switched payroll providers, based on his recommendation, to the Rise Platform.

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