How Rise helps a manufacturer gain traction with employees
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How Rise helps a manufacturer gain traction with employees

Megan Orr | June 13, 2023

KINETIC is a full-service custom fabrication company, specializing in custom trailer builds. Learn how Rise helps them stay focused on design and production by offering a highly efficient all-in-one people management platform.

Why KINETIC loves Rise:

  • A truly all-in-one HR platform for their employees
  • It meets the needs of both their support office and manufacturing team
  • Rise Health has helped with employee retention and recruitment

Developing custom products for a wide-range of industries is no easy task. It takes a dedicated team of experienced professionals—a team which needs to be well taken care of. That’s why KINETIC chose Rise People for their HR, payroll, and health benefits.

Before Rise

KINETIC recently expanded their team when they acquired the manufacturing facility that had been building their product. Consequently, they went from two employees, President - Tim and Business Admin - Tiffany, to more than 40 employees. 

Tim and Tiffany were already using Rise when it was just the two of them. They decided to add on Rise Health to give their newly acquired team a holistic benefits package. Tiffany explains that they “were already using Rise Payroll when it was just the two of us and it worked well. With the acquisition of the new team members, we knew that we had to provide an amazing benefits package that would help retain staff through the transition. The Rise platform offered everything we needed to help process payroll, manage HR, and provide benefits at a competitive rate".

What KINETIC needed

Essentially, with the expansion of KINETIC, Tiffany needed an all-in-one solution that she and her team could count on. She explains: “We’re a small business and I wear a lot of hats, so I needed a solution that was easy to use and that would take a lot of the manual weekly tasks off my plate".

In addition, because KINETIC was still operating under two different RP numbers—for KINETIC Trailers and KINETIC Manufacturing—they needed a system that managed both seamlessly. 

What KINETIC gets with Rise

Rise takes tasks off of Tiffany’s plate. “Rise’s all-in-one offering is really great. All of our HR data is in one place and easy to manage. We get the support we need without having to think about it too much,” she explains. Of the few times that Tiffany did need help with something on the Rise platform, she remarks that “support is great and always very timely”. 

When KINETIC acquired the manufacturing business, it was important for Tiffany to offer their new team the same—if not better—benefits. Of course, as a small business they needed to be cost-conscious. Tiffany explains that, with Rise Health, KINETIC is actually “getting more bang for our buck than with the provider we had been using previously”.

“I definitely see Rise Health playing a role in retention and recruitment.”

Not only is Rise Health cost effective for KINETIC, but Tiffany has noted additional benefits as well. She explains: “I was surprised actually. When we did the rollout of the benefits, all of our team members were very interested and excited about the coverage they were getting. It's a big factor in keeping our employees happy”. 

Tiffany also feels that having an integrated platform has benefitted KINETIC in many ways. She notes how “it’s smart having everything all-in-one.” 

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