How Rise supports an AI product development company
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How Rise supports an AI product development company

Megan Orr | October 3, 2023

AI product development company vortX Labs uses Rise to support their payroll and people management so that they can focus on building their new business.

What vortX loves about Rise:

  • The simple and easy-to-use interface makes running payroll very efficient
  • Rise offers the most robust solution at the most affordable price for their small business
  • They’re saving a lot of time and money by not having to manage payroll themselves

VortX’s President and COO Clemens Adolphs explains that their mission is to make their “clients’ lives easier by using the power of machine learning.” Rise helps them work towards that mission by taking payroll and HR tasks off their plate.

What vortX needed

Being a start-up, vortX has to make sure that they use their time and money well. Clemens comments, “I don’t see us having a dedicated HR or accounting person any time in the near future. So we needed a solution that we knew we could handle on our own.”

He continues, “I just really couldn’t see myself managing everyone’s hours and writing cheques and mailing them out, and then dealing with the CRA and remittances and all of that. Because we’re small, we really need to be mindful of how we spend our time and energy.”

What vortX gets with Rise

With little time to waste, Clemens and his team at vortX have been very pleased with Rise so far. “Onboarding was so easy and we’ve been able to find our way around the platform no problem,” he comments. The few times that they have had to utilize support, Clemens says that the experience has been great.

Payroll isn’t any trouble at all for vortX with Rise. “It takes us less than an hour every week to do a pay run,” Clemens notes. He continues, “Payroll is not a pain point for us. It’s not something we groan and moan about at vortX.”

Much of the work that Clemens was worried about having to do himself is now done completely by Rise. “Rise takes a lot of that manual work away,” he says.

“The way the Rise platform looks, with its balance between ease of use and complexity of features, is just so easy.”

VortX has been using Rise for not just their payroll, but to manage their HR and time off as well. Overall, the platform has been a hit with their employees. “People are able to book their time off easily and the electronic pay stubs are great,” Clemens comments.

Clemens chose Rise because it’s what another organization he’s associated with uses to manage their payroll, but he was also recommended ADP by someone in his network. He ultimately went with Rise because he felt that ADP was far too complicated for vortX. “People tend to think that complicated software automatically means that it’s more appropriate for sophisticated use cases, but simple and easy to use works. If it can be simple, then keep it simple,” he says.

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