How Rise payroll and HR lends colour to a professional painting company
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How Rise payroll and HR lends colour to a professional painting company

Andra Mircioiu | December 29, 2020

Envision Painting was looking for a paperless HR and payroll solution and turned to Rise for support. The communication with the Rise support team, and the fact that we’re a Canadian company, is what sold them on our platform.

Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, is a city that’s famous for its historic buildings and heritage homes—some of which are kept in good looks by the team of professional home and commercial painters at Envision Painting

Heidi Jackson, office manager at Envision Painting, shares: “We started in 2016, so we’re coming into our fifth year. We continue to grow. We’re always hiring more painters. We have seven painters actively on staff right now, since it’s our slow season. In the spring and summer, we have anywhere between 25 to 50 people on staff.” 

Prior to Rise, the team had to deal with a lot of paperwork—actual paper. 

“We didn't have any HR systems set up,” Heidi shares. “That was the main thing that got me looking, the need to alleviate and reduce some of the work that I had to do. I’d ask our painters to write down their name, phone number, years of experiences, on a piece of paper. Then I’d scan that and keep a digital copy of the information. And that's basically where it stopped.” 

Heidi took up the challenge of going paperless. “I started looking into different HR platforms. I did a couple of demos with a few of them. But at the end of it, the communication from the Rise sales team was far better than what I was getting from other platforms. The demo was very explanatory, which I liked. And even before we signed up, one of the sales team members actually went through and did a full demo of the entire platform as a whole.” 

“And you’re Canadian,” Heidi adds, “which was huge for us because we really want to support local businesses.” 

Payroll and HR software that paints a different picture 

“The communication between the implementation team and myself was totally on point,” Heidi shares. “It made it easier when we had to go in and make new updates, alter information. It was really good going back and forth, to be able to say ‘hey, this needs to be changed’ and it got changed.” 

“The other thing that’s great,” Heidi continues, “is that the payroll and HR systems speak to each other. I don’t have to update information twice, and that definitely helps cut down the amount of work I have to do.” 

Another timesaving improvement? 

“Digital onboarding. It’s definitely saving me time. I don't have to do quite as much work. Before, I’d be sending painters emails with different documents that they need to fill out. And everything is shifting towards digital now, especially with COVID and everything going on. Having people fill out paper documents, and scanning them and sending them back—or coming into the office to fill out paperwork—just isn't how things can or should be done anymore. Having the onboarding be digital, and basically putting that in the court of the new hire has been phenomenal.” 

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