How efficient payroll helped MERCURY Consulting gain more time for clients
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How efficient payroll helped MERCURY Consulting gain more time for clients

Rise | June 9, 2020

MERCURY consulting chose Rise to help them spend less time on payroll and more time on what really matters—their clients.

Many entrepreneurs aim to spend as little time as possible on admin tasks, instead devoting most of their energy and attention to supporting their clients. This is especially true in recent times. 

Which means that when we can help a client save hours and hours each month on admin tasks—freeing up their time to focus on other aspects of the business—you can bet we’re pretty proud of it! 

At MERCURY Consulting (MERCURE Conseil), clients are the top priority. And no one knows it better than MERCURY Consulting’s founder and president. In 2018, public relations specialist Hugo Delorme founded his own consulting agency in downtown Montreal to support leaders of organizations with managing public affairs, corporate communications, and the development and execution of strategies. 

As Hugo tells us: "For example, we work with the Québec government, the Ottawa government, with regulatory authorities or with big companies listed on the stock market. What makes us strong—and different—for our clients is that we mobilize all our expertise so that they achieve their business objectives, and sometimes even exceed them. Our approach is really focused on achieving results, and that's what our business partners really like. In addition to our agile, committed and friendly team, of course!” 

Hugo and his team needed an equally efficient, results-driven payroll system to manage the administrative aspects of MERCURY Consulting. Having managed everything himself, Hugo knew the true cost of an inefficient payroll system: his time. 

So the search began for an automated payroll system. 

Finding the time to focus on clients, not paystubs 

MERCURY Consulting called on Rise to automate payroll and HR processes through our efficient, easy-to-use digital solutions. With the support of an implementation specialist, Hugo and his team switched over to the Rise platform and soon enjoyed the benefits: “It works on its own. That's exactly what I wanted!”

Hugo shared more feedback about MERCURY Consulting’s collaboration with Rise—and the results of our collaboration are truly significant.

"Time-wise, I save a good 10 hours each month thanks to Rise's synchronized digital tools. For me and for my organization, these hours are precious savings because we sell our time to clients. The time I spent before on administrative tasks, I now devote it entirely to my business to build a lasting relationship of trust with my clients.”

And what about cost-savings? "Instead of hiring a person solely dedicated to administration, I was able to hire talent who’s fully dedicated to the business and to our clients. Today, one of my managers takes just a few minutes each week to take stock of administrative tasks via the Rise platform, and I approve my team's pay in a few clicks," Hugo explains. 

Then came very competitive employee benefits 

Backed by its expertise, the MERCURY Consulting team has experienced significant growth since 2018. It now employs 9 specialists. For Hugo Delorme, it became important to offer very competitive benefits to his employees. 

We put Hugo in touch with trusted advisor Pierre Thiboutot and shortly after, MERCURY Consulting added group benefits to its HR management solution (HRIS). Hugo is proud to offer some very competitive benefits to his employees that are “rare in an organization of our size”. 

“I am very happy with our collaboration with Rise,” Hugo continues, “and so are my employees. The use of the platform was new for the whole team and they very easily took to everything. It also saves them time, too, because they no longer have to run after their colleagues to find the right information. They have everything on hand.”

A shared ambition for happy clients and customer satisfaction

Just like Rise, MERCURY Consulting shares the desire to always remain relevant to meet client expectations. This is Hugo Delorme’s entire work philosophy: “Enabling clients to achieve their goals is gaining their trust. We are committed to building their loyalty and developing long-term relationships with them to work on important issues. For this, we must always remain relevant in our expertise. This involves closely monitoring market developments, perfecting our knowledge to meet client demands and even exceeding expectations.” 

Due to COVID-19, many leaders have had to make difficult decisions recently. As a specialist, Hugo Delorme recommends that entrepreneurs and large organizations focus on choosing software that gives them the most flexibility. As Hugo notes, “it takes great agility to adapt your operational and organizational models but it is essential to be able to get through exceptional situations like this one.” 

MERCURY Consulting owes its name to the god of commerce, who’s also the messenger of the gods. As Hugo explains: “I see our mission a bit like this. We take the temperature for our clients so as to transmit the most relevant information to them and support them towards success”. 

And we’re glad to support entrepreneurs like Hugo Delorme with simple, automated HRIS solutions that allow them to devote most of their time and energy to their clients. 

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