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Rise vs. Payworks

Finding the best all-in-one people management software is no easy task. We’re here to help simplify your search with a detailed comparison of Rise vs. Payworks that highlights core features and add-ons available to you.*
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Rise Vs. Payworks


Automated ROE filing yes yes
No extra charge for year-end documents yes no
On-demand employee pay stubs yes no
Auto-emailed employee pay stubs yes no
Rise Payroll

While Payworks offers similar functionality to Rise (e.g. automated payroll calculations, ROE filing, and direct deposit), Rise Payroll goes above and beyond to improve the experience for administrators and employees with an easy-to-use solution with no hidden fees or extra charges.

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Rise Vs. Payworks

People Management

Automated employee journey yes no
Employee self-service (with or without approval) yes no
Unlimited organization policies and handbooks yes yes
Unlimited employee-specific documentation yes yes
Custom roles and permissions yes no
Unlimited eSignatures assignees and cosigners yes no
Unlimited eSignatures documents yes no
Dynamic, customizable signer fields yes no
Expandable and collapsible org chart yes no
Direct report count on org chart yes no
Automated birthday and anniversary reminders yes no
Automated change-approval workflows yes no
Rise vs Payworks People Management comparison

Payworks has limited HR functionality, missing out on time-saving features such as eSignatures and custom roles/permissions for your team. With Rise, you have one place for your documents, onboarding data, employee details, org charts, and other essential HR information—all secured in the cloud with enterprise-level encryption.

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Rise Vs. Payworks

Benefits Management

Commission-free group benefit plans yes no
Employee self-enrolment yes no
Paperless administration yes yes
Employee self-service yes no
Automated premium management yes yes
Real-time payroll integration yes yes
Advisor access yes no
Benefits reports yes no
Rise vs Payworks Benefits Management

Never rely on paper enrolment forms again. Our Benefits Management solution allows employees to self-enrol online in just minutes, and any changes are automatically synced with your provider and Rise. We’ll work with your advisor to manage the set up and registration of your group health benefits so you can focus your energy elsewhere—on your people.

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Rise Vs. Payworks


In-app offer letter creation yes no
Custom offer letter templates yes no
Custom offer letter tokens yes no
Custom offer letter page yes no
Daily recruiting updates yes no
Custom hiring funnels yes yes
Automatic notifications yes no
Rise vs Payworks Recruiting

Although Payworks does offer a recruiting solution, it has limited features. Our intuitive cloud based applicant tracking system (ATS) is designed to easily manage candidates throughout the entire recruiting process with team collaboration on candidates and custom screening questions that help you pinpoint and hire the best fit for your team. 

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Rise Vs. Payworks


Digitally sign documents yes no
Onboarding/offboarding tasks assignment yes no
Integrated payroll enrolment yes yes
Custom fields in self-onboarding yes no
Rise vs Payworks Onboarding

The right onboarding experience helps new hires embrace your company culture and become part of the team faster. Rise Onboarding creates an integrated experience from job offer to offboarding, with digital offer letters, customized workflows, and task management for complete visibility into the onboarding process.

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Rise Vs. Payworks

Time Off

Integrated with Payroll, Scheduling and HR yes yes
Submit time off requests on Mobile app yes no
Employees can review balances at any time on Mobile app yes no
Managers can approve on Mobile app yes no
Calendar overview & integration yes yes
Rise Time off

Spend less time on time off. Our Time Off Tracking solutions allows you to sync employee vacation and leave tracking seamlessly into your payroll with no reconciliation headaches. Plus, you can create custom time off policies and carry-over rules that match your corporate vision and values.

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Rise Vs. Payworks

Scheduling and Time Tracking

Easy and intuitive creation of schedules by using drag and drop yes no
Straightforward recurring shifts creation yes no
Holiday customization yes no
Black out period customization yes no
Summary of weekly hours per employee yes no
Punch in and out with geofencing and IP restrictions on Mobile app yes no
Punches recorded on a terminal in kiosk mode (no need for dedicated hardware) yes no
Biometric clocks yes yes
Rise vs Payworks Time Management

Payworks is missing some of the features that make scheduling and time tracking a simple and seamless process. Rise’s fully integrated time tracking tools automatically sync to your payroll, making it quick and extremely easy to track your team’s hours—and accurately pay them. And while Payworks offers scheduling and time tracking, their solution lacks “punch”, meaning that employees can’t punch in using their mobile devices.

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Rise Vs. Payworks

Performance Management

Fully customizable 360º reviews yes yes
Bias-reducing review questions and templates database yes no
Unlimited 360º peer reviewers from anyone in organization yes no
Customizable reviewers for special project teams yes no
Multiple manager reviewers for shared staff yes no
Group or individual 1-click smart nudges yes no
Automated recurring manager-employee check-ins yes no
Emoji-based employee sentiment plus open-ended insights yes no
Emoji-based employee sentiment plus open-ended insights yes no
Employee sentiment spotlight and trends yes no
Emoji reactions and thought starters for managers yes no
Check-in engagement metrics yes no
Automated check-in notifications and nudges yes no
Rise performance management

Rise Performance allows you to reimagine the review process with our robust, feature-rich solution, that gives insight into employee productivity and helps you foster engagement. From one-on-one reviews to custom templates and question banks, you have everything you need to encourage employees to do and be their best.

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*We’ve done our best to ensure our competitive data is complete and accurate but we can’t guarantee its validity. If you believe any of the information is outdated, let us know and we'll update it.

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