Group Benefits

Benefits made easy. Employees can self-enrol online in minutes and make changes at any time. And with real-time updates, your bill is always accurate.
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Digital Enrolment

Employee Self-Enrolment

Empower your employees to self-enrol for group health benefits, pensions, and optional coverage.

Effortless Invitations

Invite your employees to enrol by batch uploading their information or entering it individually.

Tailored Plans

Allow employees to choose what optional coverage they need.


Give employees the flexibility to nominate or change their beneficiaries online, without needing to submit any paper forms.

Digital Benefits Booklet

Give employees easy access to coverage information with a downloadable plan booklet.

One Login

Enjoy the convenience of single sign-on (SSO) from within the Rise platform, which gives you instant access to the carrier’s plan member site.

Streamlined Administration

Admin Dashboard

Monitor progress in one place as your employees enrol—you’ll be notified when enrolment is complete and can nudge employees who aren’t enrolled yet.

Employee Self-Service

Cut down on admin updates. Employees can update personal information or dependent details at any time.

Policy Compliance

No need to pore over the fine print. Our platform knows the rules of eligibility inside and out—ensuring compliance with provincial laws and tax guidelines.

Late Enrolment Reminders

Avoid any late-enrolment issues with timely reminders.

NEM Automation

Ensure coverage over and above the Non-Evidence Maximums. Rise automatically calculates the NEM and guides employees to the right health questionnaires.

Seamless Sync to Payroll and HR

Our Benefits platform syncs with HR and Payroll, so any changes you or your employees make are instantly updated everywhere.


With the Advisor Platform, your advisor can collaborate with Rise and your carrier to offer you a seamless experience that meets your employees’ needs.


Keep your finger on the pulse of your benefits plan with reports on contributions, payroll, service charges, remittances, and more.

Benefits Expertise

Reach out to our team of benefits experts whenever you need help.

Automated Premium Management

Premium Management

Hand over premium adjustments and reconciliations to Rise—we’ll take care of them every month.

One Bill

Receive a single monthly bill. And, with no time delays between payroll and the carrier’s system, your bill is always accurate.

Advisor Engagement Platform

Advisor Dashboard

Keep tabs on your book of business with reports and our easy-to-use dashboard.

Master Application

Eliminate the paperwork with our online master application.

Employee Enrolments

Manage member enrolments with daily updates on progress.


Get access to details on plan member coverage, plan members awaiting approval, dependants and more.

Unlimited Documents

Keep track of client forms and applications in one place.

Give your employees, and yourself, the experience we all deserve.

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