How Rise supports a Canadian food charity’s rescue mission
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How Rise supports a Canadian food charity’s rescue mission

Megan Orr | June 29, 2023

The Leftovers Foundation is one of Canada’s largest, tech-enabled food rescue charities. Their mission is to help communities fight poverty, reduce food waste, and save the environment. Rise provides them with the tools to better manage their payroll and people processes, so they can focus on their mission.

What the Leftovers Foundation loves about Rise:

  • They’ve saved time and money by switching over to Rise
  • Rise support enables quick resolution of any issues
  • They have more insight into their data and control to update anything as needed

Before Rise

As a small charitable organization, The Leftovers Foundation and its executive director Cory Rianson needed a payroll solution that was cost effective and wouldn’t eat up a lot of time—which they weren’t getting with their former provider, ADP. 

“We had a lot of issues with ADP. It’s for very large enterprises and with our number of employees, I realized that ADP really isn’t for smaller organizations—it’s obvious why we were having issues. It’s too complicated, it doesn’t allow for a lot of customization. Everything has to be done through these multiple systems. It’s such an extra layer of complication. It was just not working, payroll would be wrong just about every run—it was a nightmare basically,” explains Cory. 

He goes on to describe a typical pay run with ADP, which usually resulted in a lot of frustration. “We’d always find errors when we were running payroll in ADP and then have to be on the phone with support for hours. So basically we were running our payroll through ADP support and no one ever offered us any solutions, even though it was always the same issues,” he explains.

Cory explored a number of different solutions, including Knit, Humi, Nethris, Collage, Wagepoint, Payworks, and Rise. As he  explains: “We looked at a few other providers. We ultimately went with Rise for a combination of reasons. The cost and simplicity of the system were important and we liked that we could control everything ourselves.”

What the Leftovers Foundation needed

In addition to a payroll platform that would save them time and money, the Leftovers Foundation—and specifically Cory— wanted a payroll provider that offered more control to the team. With ADP, Cory felt that he didn’t have a lot of insight into org data and when there were issues—which was nearly every pay run—he and his team weren’t able to resolve anything in-house. 

Essentially, Cory wanted to do less thinking about payroll and focus more on the Leftovers Foundation’s important work. 

What Rise provides the Leftovers Foundation

Rise has given Cory valuable time back. He says, “Rise has definitely saved us time. Especially as I get more comfortable with the platform, being able to go in and do stuff and fix stuff myself just saves so much time where we aren’t waiting for someone else to come in and help.”

The few times that Cory and his team have needed to use support, they’ve been able to find a resolution quickly. “Rise support has been quite great when I’ve made mistakes or needed help with something,” he explains.

Cory also notes how “the UI looks good and the cost was right” for them. Perhaps most importantly, though, he comments that he thinks way less about payroll now than with ADP.

As Cory and the Leftovers Foundation get more comfortable with the platform, he hopes to utilize other parts of the solution more. He says that “we haven’t had the time or resources to jump into a lot of the other parts of the platform, but we’d love to get more use out of it and can see the value”.

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