How Rise helps Canada’s premier tattoo and piercing shop keep their employee health on point
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How Rise helps Canada’s premier tattoo and piercing shop keep their employee health on point

Megan Orr | April 27, 2023

Based in Vancouver, Adrenaline VanCity is more than a tattoo and piercing parlour, offering laser tattoo removal, and is stocked with world-class body jewelry and collections of tattoo-inspired clothing and products. Learn how Rise supports both their inclusive mission and their employees’ health and wellness.

Adrenaline uses Rise for their benefits, HR, payroll, performance management, and scheduling and time tracking. Here’s what they love about Rise:

  • Rise Health is saving them money on their benefits 
  • The all-in-one platform has streamlined their processes
  • Built-in employee check-ins help with retention and career progression

When their former bookkeeper retired in 2022, General Manager Erynn Lawrence notes how Adrenaline VanCity really had no idea of the scope of different things that the bookkeeper was handling—which didn’t even include HR. Because of this, Adrenaline was looking for a truly all-in-one solution. With multiple brands, locations, and employees who are contract, hourly, salaried, and/or on commission, they needed an HR and payroll provider that could do it all. 

“Our employees definitely appreciate Rise Health and they’re using their benefits more than ever.”

- David Nixon, owner and operator of Adrenaline

Having a competitive healthcare plan is something that is very important to Adrenaline. Erynn notes: “We’re using Rise Health as a way to tell artists that they should work here because we have an awesome benefits package”.

When exploring new benefits offerings, Erynn comments on how it was important to have something that offered more and better coverage for their team’s mental health. “We really wanted more mental health coverage, so the fact that Rise Health comes with a number of free sessions and then the $750 on top of that towards therapy. Our old coverage was something like $300 a year for therapists,” she explains.

Owner and Operator of Adrenaline VanCity, David Nixon, agrees, explaining: “Everyone is much more mindful of their mental health now, and being able to offer extra mental health care is certainly an advantage for long-term retention.” 

Adrenaline was also able to utilize Rise’s offer to receive any plan for free, forever, when signing up for Rise Health. Being able to utilize the entire platform, along with Rise Health group benefits, is a great advantage for Adrenaline.

“Rise is truly all-in-one. It was clear to us that Rise offered more than any of the other platforms.”

- David Nixon

Erynn and David run the day-to-day for Adrenaline, but neither are HR or payroll experts. “So many smaller businesses may not have a dedicated HR person or department, so having an all-in-one solution is a real advantage,” David comments. 

Scheduling employees has gotten a lot easier for Adrenaline since they started using Rise. Previously, Erynn used one application for scheduling, then employees clocked on and off using a separate POS system, and then that was all sent to the bookkeeper. Now, the schedules are all made within Rise, approved by Erynn, and sent directly to Rise Payroll. 

Although Adrenaline hasn’t utilized Rise Performance yet, they anticipate that it will positively impact employee retention. They’re looking forward to completing their first performance review cycle with their team, as well as utilizing the check-ins feature to create better two-way communication with their employees. 

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