Recruitment tips for attracting a top notch talent pool
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Recruitment tips for attracting a top notch talent pool

Rise | September 12, 2019

We've compiled a variety of recruitment tips to help you source and hire the best possible talent.

Before someone becomes a top performing employee, they normally start out as a standout applicant. When you finally find a strong candidate and meet them in person, things click and it’s an automatic decision to move them forward in your interview process.

But how do you maximize your chances of attracting the right candidates in the first place?

Be absolutely clear about qualifications

You are more likely to find the right candidates when you are crystal clear from the beginning on the professional and personal qualities, qualifications, and expectations needed to fulfill the job. When posting a position, make sure you highlight growth and personal development opportunities within your organization as well as incentives that will attract candidates. Many candidates are not only seeking an exciting position in a reputable company; they’re looking for opportunities for real mentorship from experienced professionals. In general, talented professionals strive for excellence, and to achieve that they need to know the specifics.

Introduce your core values

If you have a clearly defined set of core values and are open and honest about them when searching for talent, both you and the candidates will have a feel for whether or not you’ll be a match. But the key is that your core values must be authentic. Choosing values because they sound good or work for other companies doesn’t work. If you haven’t already, take the time to discover and spell out your organization’s core values. You can start by talking to your top performing employees and what they like about their jobs and what keeps them at your company. More importantly, make sure you’re living these principles and that they are grounded in behaviours.

Aim for quality, not quantity

Contrary to popular belief, offering terms and conditions that appeal to all applicants is not necessary. You’ll be better served by figuring out what kinds of candidates are the right fit—and only then coming up with strategies to meet their particular needs.

If you don’t take a hard look at what you can give people, you may landing up continually disappointed with your recruiting efforts. Some companies strive for candidates with amazing pedigrees, which means they have to pay a lot. But do you really need those pedigrees? If you want candidates to stay for the longer term, you’ll have to offer them good opportunities for advancing internally. Write down a list of what you want in a candidate and then decide what you are willing to pay, whether it’s with money, benefits, or intangibles.

Create an inviting space

To attract the right candidates, create job descriptions that draw them in, starting broadly with some inspiration about your company’s values and goals and ending with the specific requirements for the job.

On the Rise Careers page, we start each job posting by portraying a clear picture of who we are, what we stand for, and how you could be part of our team. We then provide 3 unique, succinct points on what you’ll be doing on the job and then finish with a list of the specific qualifications we are looking for. When crafting your job postings, try taking a more conversational approach and then watch how applicants respond.

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