How a real estate investment company benefits from benefits essentials
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How a real estate investment company benefits from benefits essentials

Andra Mircioiu | October 13, 2020

Fresh Coast Investments uses Rise and Sun Life to support their employees’ wellness. According to founder, Aaron Bellmore, it’s been a good investment.

No one understands the value of a good investment more than Aaron Bellmore, founder of Fresh Coast Investments

In 2006, Aaron began investing in real estate. It only took him a few years to generate a “a pretty healthy retirement setup”. When life changed, and Aaron became a father, he decided to pursue real estate investment full-time. “Instead of it being a retirement plan, it became more of a financial freedom plan.” 

And the reason Aaron founded Fresh Coast Investments back in 2010? 

“I started helping other people invest so I could grow and they could grow. And so they could also get that same feeling I had, of financial security. And I continue to grow and refine this business so that we can help more people with different types of real estate investment opportunities and a few different strategies.” 

Taking care of business, every day 

A decade later, Aaron has a team of 5 in-house employees and a host of contract cleaners and tradesmen dedicated to property management, tenant management and maintenance. As Aaron explains, “We co-purchase revenue properties with our clients and then take care of all the business side of things, including the long-term property and tenant management.” 

Equally important to Aaron, however, is taking care of his employees. 

“My employees requested that we get another extended health package so that’s what prompted me to look. I reached out to my contacts and I had a fellow that was in my networking group, he mentioned Benefits Essentials.” 

Benefits Essentials is a paperless digital solution that automates Sun Life benefits management, with employee self-enrolment and fast, online updates—and absolutely no time-consuming manual processes or tedious paperwork.

“I've worked with Sun Life for a long time regarding my life insurance,” Aaron shares, “and I’ve had several packages over the years but chose Benefits Essentials because it’s a good package in comparison to what we used in the past. The onboarding experience was great, there was more than enough support. We have no issues in regards to getting reimbursed, basically, and that’s what we’re looking for.” 

COVID changed everything for everyone.  

The unforeseen global pandemic affected (and is still affecting) many industries and individuals. Aaron, however, knows how to overcome any challenge. 

His advice? 

“It doesn't matter what type of industry or business you're getting into, there's always going to be some unforeseen challenges. COVID just changed everything for everyone, and nobody saw that coming. 

There's always going to be hurdles so you just have to maintain the course and bring yourself back to that original goal, whatever it is. You really have to have enough education or understanding about what you're getting into as much as you can so that you can make a true commitment to yourself and to seeing that goal through, whether that’s real estate investment or something else that fires you up and excites you.” 

Give your employees, and yourself, the experience we all deserve.

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