We recently visited one of our Vancouver clients, STAT Search Analytics, to take a tour of their rustic-chic office and touch base with them about what their thoughts were on using the Rise platform for HR, benefits and payroll. Here’s what they had to say:


“We help people measure the visibility of their websites in search engines…We help them understand how visible they are, how visible their competitors are and how that changes over time”, says the company’s Founder and CEO, Rob Bucci. He explained that STAT Search Analytics started off as just himself, then quickly grew to over 25 people.

Before the company discovered Rise for HR, benefits and payroll, they were using a payroll software that Rob refers to as “more legacy”. He and his team found it to be “very complex and difficult” to work with, so they moved over to the Rise People platform to integrate their HR and payroll systems. Rob explained that doing so “simplified things for us a lot. (Now) we spend more time working on things that make us money rather than working on payroll.”

After speaking with Rob, we met with Jana Mutch, STAT’s Director of Operations, who agreed with Rob that Rise made everything simpler for the organisation. She says, “The thing I like best about payroll through Rise is that it’s easy to use. You can add bonuses easily, you can add commissions…you can make changes in just a few simple clicks. It saves me a lot of time because people can find all of the information that they’re looking for themselves. It’s all in a nice, easy-to-digest platform.” She continues, “One of the things that I really like about it (time off) is that it’s integrated with payroll…when a new person comes on, their information is transferred over to the time off manager, so I just need to enrol them in whatever policies they’re a part of and we’re done.

Integrating benefits with payroll has just made everything so streamlined. You enter the information for one employee and it’s carried through all of our HR systems, so it really makes it quick and simple, and nothing’s missed that way…It’s been a total dream to work with Rise.”

Jana’s favourite things about the Rise People Platform:

Simplifying systems

“Historically, we worked with a (payroll) product that was more legacy. We found it to be very complex and very difficult (to use). We moved over to Rise payroll and found that it simplified things for us a lot.”


“Because we’ve integrated our payroll and benefits through Rise, we’re saving thousands of dollars this year on what we’d normally be paying for payroll and benefits.”


“We now spend more time doing things that make us money and actually work on the business, rather than working on payroll.”

Over to you

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