10 must have mobile apps for HR pros
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10 must have mobile apps for HR pros

Rise | October 10, 2017

Today’s busy HR professionals have limited time and resources to spare. With recruitment and onboarding, performance tracking and reviews, benefits administration, and keeping up with compliance changes, the job of a human resources manager is never done.

If you feel overwhelmed by the volume of responsibilities on your plate, there are a number of mobile applications you can use to manage your day-to-day responsibilities with accessibility and ease, whether you’re working from the office or otherwise. These iOS and Android compatible solutions can aid you in tackling your workload, increasing your productivity, and boosting your efficiency.

Here are ten must-have mobile apps HR pros should have on hand.


If there’s one social networking app every HR pro needs to be well-versed in, it’s LinkedIn. As the headquarters for maintaining your professional circle of work colleagues and industry contacts, LinkedIn supports recruitment specialists in sharing new career opportunities and building their talent pool. As the evolved version of the traditional resume, LinkedIn profiles offer a glimpse into a prospective job candidate’s previous work history and company fit potential. You may even find your next superstar employee through a connection made on the platform.


As the digital world’s largest social media management tool, Hootsuite allows you to manage all of your company’s social media activities -- from Twitter and LinkedIn to Facebook and Instagram -- within one centralized hub. HR managers can leverage social media to boost their external communications strategies by engaging with HR influencers, staying on top of and participating in industry discussions, and offering insight into their company’s unique culture.


With Feedly, you can do all of your reading in one place. Compile and categorize the publications you follow into organized and minimalist collections that are easy to consume. Stay up-to-date on the HR industry by monitoring new content through keyword alerts and discovering new sources of information through Feedly’s search function.


Slack has become synonymous with online conversations in the workplace. The internal communication system for teams helps members organize streams of discussion by channels and direct messages. Channels can be created for specific teams and projects and enhanced with file sharing capabilities, external app integrations, and bots. HR managers can use Slack for sharing noteworthy announcements, updates, and celebrations company-wide.


Trello’s project management system enables users to visualize their full stack of ongoing projects with digital bulletin boards. Collaborators can make comments, add checklists, and assign tasks, making it easy to coordinate with team members and allowing the whole team to be in the loop on what’s in progress, what’s pending review, what’s completed, and what’s upcoming. HR pros can incorporate the task management tool into their workflow as well as their teams for improved organization, delegation, and tracking of project responsibilities.

Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive

With secure cloud storage provided by Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, you can sync and access all of your document, spreadsheet, and presentation files within Google and Microsoft’s respective suite of tools across all of your digital devices. Whether you’re at your desk or on the road, or on desktop or on mobile, you and your team can get your work done wherever you may be stationed.


UberConference is an audio conference platform that takes the hassle out of coordinating and hosting conference calls. With its user-friendly interface, you can see the participants on the call, as well as utilize their screen sharing function. This desktop and mobile compatible software can be used for conducting phone interviews with potential candidates and holding remote meetings with your team members.


When you’re on the go, you may not always have access to a printer. With DocuSign, an e-signature and digital transaction management platform, you can easily and securely import, send (via email or cloud), and sign digital documents no matter where you may be. This tool is especially useful for distributing work agreements with remote contractors and freelancers.


If you’re curious to know how much time you and your employees spend on certain tasks in a day, try Toggl. The timesheet app allows users to track their work hours and then generates a report analyzing their time usage. Time logs are synced to the cloud so users can track their time between web and mobile usage. HR managers can monitor the activity of their team members to better understand how to adjust time and resources for optimal productivity.


You take pride in your role of taking care of your people. As your company’s HR leader, it’s also important to set an example of living a healthy lifestyle and valuing workplace wellness by taking good care of yourself. Headspace’s meditation and mindfulness app supports users in prioritizing their mental health by guiding them through daily exercises -- with sessions tailored around meditative themes such as breathing and visualization -- designed to help people stress less, focus more, and sleep better. Set aside ten minutes in your daily schedule to meditate with Headspace and work towards living happier and healthier.

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