Why a healthy workplace is crucial for your organization
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Why a healthy workplace is crucial for your organization

Rise | October 1, 2019

October is Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month. The purpose of this awareness month is to encourage Canadian employers to prioritize the practice of healthy workplace habits throughout the calendar year.

Fostering a healthy workplace is the responsibility of employers to initiate and manage health-focused systems and initiatives for their employees to partake in. As various research on workplace wellness has shown, holistic health and wellness is crucial to promoting healthy minds, healthy bodies, and healthy corporate culture, all of which are necessary for good workplace health and employee wellbeing.

To help your people take care of their health at work and make a positive impact on your workforce, take a comprehensive approach to establishing a healthy workplace by developing programs for the following four pillars:

Healthy lifestyles

Supporting your people in sustaining healthy lifestyles involves helping them develop healthy practices, make healthy choices, avoid unhealthy behaviours and habits, and take advantage of their health benefits. Health and wellness has a significant impact on the work experience, from performance to retention, since wellbeing both at work and outside of work are interrelated and intertwined.

Physical work environment

Occupational health and safety is necessary for preventing hazardous risks in the physical workplace. For employers, this involves continuously and meticulously addressing matters of occupational health and safety, including making ergonomic and sustainable improvements to the work environment, assessing the impacts of new technologies, and anticipating changes in the workplace that will affect the work experience.

Mental health in the workplace

A company culture that provides exceptional support for the mental health of its employees is key to unlocking the full potential of the workforce in the workplace. Blockers to organizational success, such as burnout and disengagement, can be stopped in its tracks by paying attention to and caring for the psychological and emotional wellbeing of your team members. With open communication and empathy, respect and trust between employers and employees is established.

Corporate social responsibility

For organizations that strive to make an impact in the work they do, the health, performance, and achievements of their team is influenced by the interrelationship between the workplace, the workforce, and their community. Employee health and wellbeing is positively impacted by involvement in corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. By helping the greater good through volunteering, corporate giving, and activism, teams are made stronger and individuals become more empowered and connected to their work.

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