Why a Calgary-based dental clinic is all smiles over Rise benefits
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Why a Calgary-based dental clinic is all smiles over Rise benefits

Rise | June 19, 2018

Sierra Dental is a Calgary-based dental clinic that was not receiving the best rates or service with their former benefits provider. The switch to Rise has been all smiles for them.

Sierra Dental is dedicated to providing their patients with complete, integrated, and safe dental care services equipped with the most progressive and high quality technology available. The Calgary-based dental clinic is committed to providing convenience to their patients with centralized records and extended hours to accommodate their patients’ schedules.

No matter what service is needed, from a root canal to orthodontic work, Sierra Dental’s team of 16 dentists and specialists can cover it all within the clinic. True to their values of prioritizing health, growth, and joy in their work and in their culture, the friendly and easygoing people of Sierra Dental are dedicated to providing an upbeat and caring environment for their patients, and ultimately making sure coming to the dentist is something that is more enjoyable than usual.

Before Sierra Dental signed on with Rise for group benefits, they were feeling stuck and dissatisfied with their previous system. After encountering issues such as seeing increases in their experience and rates, Sierra Dental ultimately determined their previous provider to be a non-sustainable solution for them.

As Dmitry Uduman, CFO of Sierra Dental, shares, since switching to Rise, they were pleased with how everything had worked out as they had hoped and expected. In addition to alleviating their workflow in a significant way, Rise understood their unique situation and worked hard to discuss their needs with insurance companies and articulate their proposed plans, helping both Sierra Dental and the carrier. Through the process, Rise figured out a structure that worked for all parties. Because of Rise’s commitment and dedication, Sierra Dental’s premiums should go down next year, which will be the first time that’s happened.

Rise lets us know what’s going on as it is happening instead of after the fact, which is a nice change.

Sierra Dental has built good rapport and trust in their interactions with the Rise team. Dmitry appreciates the helpfulness, accessibility, and responsiveness of Rise’s group benefits division; for him, it’s never uncomfortable to ask for support or clarification. When issues arise, he can trust that Rise will take care of things without him having to dig around for information. Dmitry also appreciates Rise’s proactive approach of providing monthly reports to clients, as they let him know what’s going on as it is happening instead of after the fact.

Everyone has been accessible... responsiveness and follow up has been good.

Rise's way of bringing everything together is aligned with Sierra Dental's own mission, as their practice is committed to bringing everything together for their own patients. They've enjoyed their experience so far with using Rise’s group benefits, and they intend to expand their usage to Rise's payroll and HR very soon. They are looking forward to getting the full suite of Rise offerings up and running so that there are a few more things to take off of their plate.

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