How Rise supports forward momentum at a marketing and advertising firm
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How Rise supports forward momentum at a marketing and advertising firm

Megan Orr | May 18, 2023

Based out of Calgary, Forward Level Inc. works across branding, marketing, human resources and training to create deep intersection points between the strategic growth services that business owners need to reach their goals. Learn how the Rise platform enables Forward Level to put people first.

Rise solutions
  • HR
  • Payroll
  • Rise Health
What Forward Level loves about Rise
  • The unique and flexible Rise Health benefits 
  • Having everything accessible through one single platform
  • Getting more for their money with the Rise platform + Rise Health

As both an HR consultant and HR Director for Forward Level, Leona Moser examines the inner workings of organizations and identifies areas for improvement. By implementing Rise at Forward Level, she has helped streamline their health and wellness plan.

Before Rise

Having worked as an HR professional for 17 years, Leona has vast experience in utilizing and introducing various HR platforms for diverse organizations, ranging from smaller enterprises like Forward Level to larger companies with hundreds or even thousands of employees. She often wonders, “HR departments do so many things manually. Why? There are so many options for optimization.”

Before Leona implemented Rise, Forward Level relied on various systems to manage their human resources processes. Their employee files were stored on OneDrive, scheduling and time off were coordinated through Centreli, payroll was implemented through Payment Evolution, with data inputted into QuickBooks. Although employees had a health spending account, they had minimal coverage. The system was "obviously very clunky."

What Forward Level needed

Leona recognized the importance of consolidating multiple platforms into a unified solution for Forward Level. She often had to make changes in various places to ensure the accuracy of information, regardless of which platform the team referred to.

“Let’s say an employee changes their address. You need to change it in 27 different places because you have to update it in benefits, you have to update it in the health spending account, you have to revise it for the payroll provider, you have to change it for the EAP.” She continues: “Until you understand how many cascading changes come from something simple, like an employee changing their address, you don't realize the timesaving potential that you're losing out on”.

As a small business, Forward Level prioritized a cost-effective solution. They sought expanded coverage for their benefits package and looked for ways to consolidate their platforms into a minimal number. Leona discovered that although solutions like Bamboo HR had comparable features to Rise, they did not offer Canadian payroll services.

What Rise provides Forward Level 

Rise ticks all of Leona and Forward Level’s boxes. The all-in-one solution provided by Rise has simplified things for Forward Level. Leona notes how “having one single source of truth for documents and information makes everything so much more streamlined. By partnering with Rise, we could eliminate some of the other platforms that Forward Level was using. It was clear that for a similar cost, if not cheaper, we got significantly more value for our money”.

Leona stresses the significance of considering net spending instead of a straightforward cost analysis. “While we might actually pay slightly higher in certain areas, the total net spend still results in savings”.

"By signing up for Rise Health and consolidating onto a single platform, we were able to save both time and money!"

Previously, Forward Level had a health spending account as their primary source of employee benefits. Leona notes that the $1000 they provided to employees goes much further with Rise Health. “From a cost value perspective, repurposing our dollars allows us to spend the same amount and get more from a value standpoint. The value there is tremendous,” she says. She continues: “Rise is giving us so much more value for our money than we had previously.”

On top of that, Rise is also saving Forward Level time by consolidating everything into one platform. “Rise is saving Forward Level two to four hours per week on payroll alone.”

“Offering benefits in-house is very brilliant and entrepreneurial of Rise.”

As an experienced HR professional interested in benefits plans, Leona is thrilled about Rise Health. She notes that the pre-built tiered options for Rise Health simplify the selection process, and that the requirement of just a minimum of three employees under a plan is a genuinely innovative and enterprising approach.

For Forward Level’s employees, the flexibility of being able to customize benefits plans was crucial. Additionally, Leona loves the variety of coverage offered, such as gender transition coverage—something she’s never seen before. 

Leona is not the only one who feels the love for Rise Health. "The Forward Level team loves it too. The user experience for the benefits onboarding is simple and straightforward," she comments.

Leona believes that Rise Health can significantly contribute to acquiring and retaining employees at Forward Level. By transitioning from a health spending account to Rise Health, the value for employee retention is clear. “It is a significant value proposition for both employees and administrators. As a solo HR department, allowing managers to access employee information and insights saves time and streamlines the process.”

To learn more about Rise Health and how you can get any plan for FREE when signing up for Rise Health, book a customized demo today.

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