10 ways to craft a positive employee experience
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10 ways to craft a positive employee experience

Rise | August 25, 2020

Knowing how to create an employee experience that is going to have your team raving about their workplace is a great strategy for retention and engagement.

There’s a lot of information available about the customer experience, and how to ensure your customers or clients always have a positive experience with your products, services or staff. 

However, the employee experience is just as important—and deserves just as much effort. 

Employee experience is the sum of all interactions, good or bad, that an employee has with their place of employment. It can determine the level of employee engagement and retention.

A report on 2020 Global Employee Experience Trends found that just over half (53%) of employees feel engaged at work. Research from MIT’s Center for Information Systems Research (CISR) found that “companies with the best employee experiences see dramatic business benefits” including “25% greater profitability compared to competitors”. 

As we continue to manage work-life balance during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important that your company focuses on enhancing the employee experience for remote workers. We’ve put together a list of the top ten ways to help you do just that.

1. Show your appreciation

Saying ‘please’, ‘great job’ and ‘thanks for staying late’ doesn’t take a lot of effort on a manager’s part. However, such words of encouragement and gratitude can absolutely go a long way in making employees feel appreciated.

2. Pet perks

If possible, show some (puppy) love by allowing people to bring their dog to the office, when we can all return to the office, of course. 

3. In the know

Keep everyone in the organization looped in with video updates or regular company-wide meetings. Informing employees about new company developments and product roadmaps will help make them feel like they’re valued members of the team.

4. Name game

Call on your employees’ creative power to brainstorm fun titles for your communal spaces or a new product name. Doing so enhances team building and boosts employee engagement.

5. Celebrate in style

Make your team members feel appreciated with customized anniversary or birthday celebrations for everyone. You can do this by gifting each employee with their favourite treat (such as cheesecake, ice cream cake, cupcakes or whatever else they prefer).

6. Opportunity knocks

Give people the chance to work outside of their role and explore other passions. Have an aspiring artist on the team? Maybe they can sketch that new office mural? Find out what each team member is passionate about and try to work that passion into their role. For instance, if a Customer Support specialist happens to love event planning, see if she might be interested in organizing office events such as holiday parties or summer barbeques—doing so is sure to boost employee engagement and overall satisfaction.

7. Personalized praise

For some people, nothing is greater than confetti cannons and public recognition. Others prefer a quiet, private nod of acknowledgement. Determine which type of reward and recognition each of your team members prefers and respect their wishes when giving them praise. 

8. Brand with benefits

Health plans speak to a healthy company culture. Is your company culture in top shape?  Consult with an advisor to see how coverage can attract or alienate candidates and affect the morale of current employees.

9. An open book

Salaries and promotions can breed internal resentment. To prevent that, practice transparency wherever you can with regards to salary bands, promotions and raises. 

10. Show off

You have permission to brag a little. Feel free to share company milestones with the whole organization—after all, you got here together. Showing employees that the company is growing and doing great things helps to ensure that employees feel proud of their team and their place of employment. 

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