Rise People introduces performance management to evolve the employee experience and boost engagement

Vancouver, BC - August 24, 2021 - Rise People Inc. (“Rise”), Canada’s all-in-one people management platform, today announced the company’s new employee performance management solution which is designed to provide guided feedback and career conversations to support productivity, growth, and retention. Rise’s performance solution seamlessly syncs and complements the company’s already robust people-management solutions which include HR, recruiting, onboarding, payroll, time tracking, benefits management, and more.

“At Rise, we believe that feedback should be a continuous loop, not a straight line,” says Julie Bevacqua, President at Rise People. “We are working to create solutions that help companies create a strong culture of engagement and the absolute best employee experience, day in and day out.”

Rise’s performance management solution is designed to obtain accurate and actionable review outcomes with the least effort possible—without burning out HR or participants in the process. Rise Performance includes curated questions to help assess performance and prioritize growth while also supporting a wide-range of customization features that fit any performance scenario. As an example, companies can opt to select questions from a bank of research-backed questions or can ask their own questions.

Automated notifications and intelligent nudges remind participants to complete their reviews, so that HR can focus on the results instead of the process. Rise Performance also makes it easy to request and review 360 degree feedback and project-based insights to generate valuable outcomes.

For many HR teams, Rise Performance will allow them to ditch document-based reviews and back-and-forth emails about employee performance. They can now replace their old systems with an online process that saves all content, notifies participants automatically, and allows content to be viewed beyond the review cycle close date.

“The new performance management feature really emphasizes our mission of putting people first,” says Julie. “Research has continually shown that regular performance reviews benefit both employee and employer, improving engagement, productivity, and overall happiness. Our goal is to give Canadian companies the opportunity to facilitate reviews and have meaningful, helpful conversations about career goals and employee achievements.”

About Rise People

Rise People is Canada’s first and only all-in-one people management platform. Rise offers a modern suite of HR, benefits, and payroll solutions used by thousands of employers across Canada. Visit risepeople.com to schedule a demo and see how Rise is changing how work happens—and how people work—through people management solutions that seamlessly integrate and can scale up with a company as they grow.

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