Rise People introduces new scheduling and time tracking features to improve employee engagement for hourly and seasonal workers

Vancouver, BC - October 26, 2021 - Rise People Inc. (“Rise”), Canada’s all-in-one people management platform, today announced the company’s new scheduling and time tracking solution which is designed to provide a more engaging experience for hourly or seasonal employees. Rise’s scheduling and time tracking solution seamlessly syncs and complements the company’s already robust people-management solutions which include HR, recruiting, onboarding, performance management, payroll, benefits management, and more.

“We want our solutions to support every type of organization and every type of employee, whether they are salary, contract, or hourly,” says Julie Bevacqua, President at Rise People. “We’re working to build solutions that help companies create a strong culture of engagement and the absolute best employee experience, day in and day out.”

Many popular scheduling and time tracking solutions can create a disengaging and cumbersome experience for hourly workers. Rise’s aim was to introduce a simple, easy-to-use product that includes modern workplace features such as shift swapping or planning around people’s availability. The solution is also designed with no digital barriers: It all works seamlessly on the web, mobile app, and with biometric face, fingerprint, or RFID scanners.

Rise’s time management tools can help companies calculate hours, track overtime, set parameters for automatic time approvals, track costs of labour, save time on payroll by automatically syncing data, and more.

With the scheduling feature, employees can easily swap shifts online or on the mobile app. Employees can clock-in in a way that matches how they work with either a traditional hardware clock or on their mobile device.

“The new scheduling and time tracking features are a part of our mission to make employees’ lives easier,” says Julie. “We want the entire employee experience to be more engaging and our all-in-one people management platform is designed to deliver that.”

About Rise People

Rise People is Canada’s first and only all-in-one people management platform. Rise offers a modern suite of HR, benefits, and payroll solutions used by thousands of employers across Canada. Visit risepeople.com to schedule a demo and see how Rise is changing how work happens—and how people work—through people management solutions that seamlessly integrate and can scale up with a company as they grow.

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