Rise People Acquires Hazel to add Continuous Learning to its People Management Platform

Vancouver, BC - October 2, 2019 - Rise People Inc. (“Rise”), a leading digital people management platform, is continuing to help companies build better workplaces with the acquisition of hazelhq.com (“Hazel”), a pioneer in AI-driven virtual coaching and real-time people analytics.

Fully integrated with Slack, Hazel’s Manager Success Platform delivers personalized, science-based digital coaching at scale, empowering leaders at all levels to build more engaged and enduring teams. By analyzing rich data, Hazel offers a tailored continuous learning experience, delivered in the flow of work, that promotes behaviour change by intelligently nudging managers to take action. Within individual teams, the AI feedback tool drives action through accountability, translating employee feedback into personalized action plans for managers with targeted learnings.

Delivering high-resolution people analytics, Hazel currently captures 20,000 words of tagged coaching data per week to help companies predict attrition risk and performance challenges, show progress and impact of front-line managers’ actions, and provide an unprecedented degree of visibility for leaders at all levels.

“As the balance of power in the modern workplace shifts towards employees, attracting, engaging and retaining high-performing talent is more of a challenge for our customers than ever. This acquisition brings together industry-leading people management with one-of-a-kind, Slack, mobile and web based digital coaching and granular people analytics, enabling Rise to help our clients build a culture of engagement through continuous learning and consistent, meaningful feedback,” said Julie Bevacqua, Rise’s chief revenue officer.

Wisam Abdulla, Chief Executive Officer at Hazel, noted, “The natural alignment between Rise and Hazel enables us to bring an increasingly sophisticated use of data across the employee lifecycle to drive continuous performance improvement, boost talent retention, and create a purposeful employee experience.”

To continue the evolution of Hazel’s AI coach and establish Rise as the leader in people engagement and analytics, Tim Abdulla, Co-founder of Hazel, will join Rise as its Chief Technology Officer effective October 1, 2019.

“We’re very pleased to welcome Tim to the Rise leadership team. With his proven track record with the last 8 years as CTO in HR tech coupled with exceptional technical talent and business acumen, Tim will be instrumental in guiding the development and execution of our one-of-a-kind people management platform strategy. His expertise in employee engagement and real-time people analytics will be key drivers in not only keeping Rise’s momentum, but also taking it to the next level,” said Bevacqua.

Founded in 2016, Hazel is headquartered in Vancouver, BC with offices in San Francisco and New York.

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