Canadian Disrupter Rise People Offers Free Payroll to Small Businesses in Canada

Vancouver, BC - July 12, 2017 - Rise People, a new digital HR and group health insurance platform, announced a new free payroll offering to help small businesses thrive, making it the first free, full-service payroll solution for small businesses in Canada.

Payroll will be free for small businesses with up to 10 employees, ensuring all small businesses in Canada can benefit from the program. There are no additional processing fees and no monthly fees of any kind.

“With this new offering, we set out with a single focus – to make it easy and affordable for small business owners to pay their employees,” says Faiz Abdulla, CEO, Rise People." While payroll is one of the most important processes at any company, many small businesses have limited staff, tools or budget to get payroll done right. We eliminate the time and stress associated with payroll by giving Canadian small businesses peace-of-mind with an accurate and fully-compliant payroll solution and without the typical charges and hidden fees associated with traditional payroll services.”

The new program helps business owners and payroll administrators automate and simplify processing payroll. Rise completely automates payments to employees, contractors, government agencies, group benefits providers, and others. New clients can sign up for the free platform that includes direct deposit, electronic paystubs, automated remittances, T4s and ROEs and HR reports. The platform ensures small business owners are always paying and remitting on time and accurately and are 100% compliant on vacation, overtime, and statutory holiday pay. It also provides total flexibility to pay employees anywhere at any time.

Anna Kwong, a Vancouver-based professional bookkeeper that manages payroll and accounting for several Vancouver law firms says, ”Before Rise, I was spending hours every pay period processing payroll for each of my clients. Now it takes 10 minutes. It’s really that simple.”

Connie Bosch at Bakova Inc. shares, “Rise saves me time when paying employees while ensuring total compliance with the CRA. I don’t need to worry about CRA remittances or deadlines.”

James R Barlow at Purple Rock Inc. says, ”Changing to Rise from our previous payroll solution saved us time and simplified our payroll and T4 filing procedure. Their customer support is outstanding – we're a small company, but Rise treats us like a major client."

The Rise full-service payroll solution offers small business customers an easy, seamless experience when it comes to payday and ensures 100% compliance and accuracy. Visit for details.

This press release was originally posted on the CNW. Find it here.


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Rise People is Canada’s first and only all-in-one people management platform. Rise offers a modern suite of HR, benefits, and payroll solutions that is used by thousands of employers across Canada. Rise is headquartered in Burnaby, Canada. For more information, visit and schedule a demo to see how Rise can give you more choice, convenience, and savings.

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