Why your small business should be using HR software
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Why your small business should be using HR software

Rise | July 14, 2017

For small businesses, HR is often something that gets ignored due to scarce resources, such as a lack of time, money and people power. As an entrepreneur, you may very well have the best of intentions when it comes to your employees, but let’s be honest, who has time for HR when you’re running around, dealing with payroll, sales, and everything else that comes with running a business?

Thankfully, there are wonderful HR software solutions out there that can help you streamline and even automate everything from employee onboarding to time off tracking, payroll, taxes, benefits administration, and more.

Just because you’re bootstrapping your business doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on employee experience. That’s why we’ve put together this list -- to show you (and potentially your business partner) how your small business can benefit from using HR software.

1. Cost savings & improved efficiencies

HR software can save countless hours you might have wasted on things like:

  • Redundantly entering and copying data from one spreadsheet to another
  • Reconciling payroll, dealing with tax headaches, manual T4s, remittances and ROEs
  • Responding to and scheduling employee time-off requests and other inquiries

Bundling services is typically more cost-effective than buying them separately, so be sure to choose an all-in-one HR platform that syncs with payroll, time-off tracking, and benefits.

2. Better insights means more informed decisions

HR software typically provides analytics, which you don’t automatically get when working with spreadsheets. For this reason, your software should provide you with easy HR reporting so that you can get better HR-related insights and make more informed decisions. For instance, the Rise People Platform provides unlimited, easy-to-read reporting, so you can wow management with meaningful data that you may not have otherwise had.

An added bonus is that when you use an HR software like Rise’s, you can grab reports on the fly, saving time you would have had to spend merging, visualizing and analyzing messy spreadsheet data.

3. Improved organization

When you no longer have to deal with spreadsheets and isolated information across platforms, you will find that you are much better organized because your data can be found under one roof -- your integrated HR software.

4. Enhanced small business employee experience

The HR tools you choose should provide employees with any information they need related to their available sick time and vacation days. This way, you won’t have to answer the same questions from multiple people over and over again. Further, employees should be able to request time off on their own -- right in the software -- so that you can approve or disapprove on your own time.

In addition to giving employees visibility into their time off, your HR software should allow your team to view their individual profiles with the company. This should include their current salary or wage, job title, birthday, career milestones such as anniversaries and promotions, and more. Providing employees with access to their own profiles and time off requests will make them feel more empowered, which is key for keeping employees happy and engaged.

Lastly, the software you choose to manage your HR, benefits, and payroll, should allow employees to respond to engagement surveys and give recognition to people within their team.

By employing software that manages your people data in one platform, you’ll benefit from significant time and cost savings, which will allow you to better focus on what matters most: your people.

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