Applications of VR and AR in employee recruitment
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Applications of VR and AR in employee recruitment

Rise | June 26, 2018

VR and AR may be the key that recruitment professionals are looking for to finding quality talent quicker while making the experience positive for prospective candidates.

Virtual reality and augmented reality used in recruiting anticipates a future of opportunities for talent solutions. Experiences offered by VR and AR can bridge the digital and physical elements together, introducing prospective candidates to an organization in very real and personal ways.

Through providing an insider’s look into company culture and the office environment, this technology can bring attention to a company and help increase HR’s volume of applications and success rate of making good hires.

Drawing in prospective applicants

VR provides an eye-catching way for recruitment pros to capture the attention of job seekers in the wild at career and recruitment events, with the intent of attracting the freshest, brightest, and best talent.

Here are two companies that have found success with this recruiting tactic:

Deutsche Bahn utilized VR at career fairs to allow interested applicants to get first-hand virtual experience in train conducting and electrician work. Participants who demonstrated a firm grasp of the requirements of the role would advance through to the application process, guaranteeing a more qualified talent pool.

Jaguar used skills-based interactive activities to evaluate prospective candidates for their software engineering roles. Through a mixed VR reality app, candidates would learn about the nuances of electric vehicles and play games to test their lateral thinking and problem-solving skills. Candidates who performed exceptionally well were fast-tracked through the recruitment process.

Expanding the horizon for job interviews

VR-enabled video interviews offer recruitment pros the ability to feel as though they are physically in the room with the interviewee. Through the virtual tech, they are able to better engage with the candidate in a more personalized way.

A company that experimented with virtual interviews is Lloyds Banking Group. To assess candidates, Lloyds challenges final-round candidates to solve problems they will face in their prospective role through a simulation. In the AR environment, interviewees can touch and move objects, while interviewers can assess their problem-solving skills and reactions.

Through injecting potential job candidates into a virtual world that allows for immersion into job tasks and scenarios, recruiters can identify those prospects who would excel in the role early on, and in the long run, hire a stronger workforce.

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