This year on the Rise People blog, we covered a variety of topics related to HR, payroll, and group benefits, including trending topics such as Blockchain to new concepts within people management practices.

Here’s a roundup of our top blog posts from 2018.

8 HR Trends & Innovations to Watch Out For in 2018

To set the tone for the new year ahead, we discussed our predictions for emerging trends and innovations that we believed would come to dominate the headlines and impact the workplace in 2018.

25 Fascinating Statistics About HR

In this installment of our Fascinating Statistics series, we shared some stats on the challenges, observations, and trends seen in the human resources space in regards to managing the employee experience and company culture.

6 People Management Skills Every Superstar Manager Has

Strong people management skills positively influence the manager and employee relationship. In this article, we pinpoint the six skills every exceptional manager needs to succeed in their role of fostering a loyal team.

The Benefits of Team-Based Organizations and Faster Growth

In the HR landscape, companies are acknowledging that innovation, growth, and performance depend on a people-focused strategy. As this article proves, they are taking action by implementing people management strategies that focus on outcomes to drive engagement and collaboration.

The Revolution in Care Benefits for Employees

HR pros actively seek feedback from employees on what benefits they really want. As HR Director Catherine Gordon states, this is an opportunity to heighten the competitive advantage of the employer who recognizes and starts to offer the close-to-home care benefits desired by their people.

Promoting Healthy Eating in the Workplace

Healthy eating and nutrition programs can serve an integral role in fostering employee health and wellness. Here are ways to engage and empower your workforce in exploring healthy eating in their day-to-day routines.

The New Age of Employee Learning and Development in the Workplace

Employee learning and development has come a long way with the proliferation of digital technology and mobile devices. We take a look at the demand for continuous L&D opportunities & self-directed learning in the workplace.

A Quick Guide to Blockchain Tech for HR & Payroll

The rising technology of blockchain has the potential to make information exchange more secure, accurate, and efficient with transactions driven by ‘trust through consensus’. Here’s how blockchain aims to disrupt processes in HR and payroll.

Why Don’t Employers Hire People With Disabilities?

The largest minority population in Canada is still the most underemployed. What is creating this barrier to workforce representation from people with disabilities? Catherine Gordon investigates.

10 Definitive Statements to Create a Company Culture of Growth

David Ciccarelli, CEO of, shares his set of ten definitive statements needed to establish agreement and alignment on in order to create a culture of growth within your organization.

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