Top 6 HR guides for a successful 2017
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Top 6 HR guides for a successful 2017

Rise | January 24, 2017

If you want to enhance your HR knowledge and skills going in 2017, take some time to read through these seven guides.  In this post, you’ll find a list of the best eBooks, guides, and whitepapers published by HR experts in 2016. They cover a wide variety of topics including HR trend forecasting, performance management, recruiting, and employee recognition.

Achieve all of your goals for the new year with the top 7 HR guides for a successful 2017:

1. How to Transition From Annual Reviews to Real-time Feedback

It’s not news that the annual performance review is on it’s way out. In fact, it’s one of the top HR trends we discussed in our latest blog post. But how do forward-thinking HR leaders guide this transition? Luckily, the folks at Reflektive have put together a guide that walks you through it all. Inside you’ll find actionable tips on how to develop a modern performance management system that fits your culture and how to launch it. They've even included examples of real-time feedback frameworks that leading companies, such as Google and Deloitte, use. Well done, Reflektive!

2. Your Roadmap to Predictable, Scalable and Proactive Recruiting

The shift from reactive to proactive methodologies is occurring across more and more industries. In recruiting, the blueprint for this evolution is a predictable hiring plan that focuses on relationship-based hiring. Talemetry has put together a concise, step by step overview that shows you how to structure your processes, people, and technologies to create a recruiting organisation built to thrive, whether talent is scarce or plentiful. Each chapter is full of information and tips you can put into practice immediately.

3. The Best Practices for Recruiting Millennials

If you’re focused on adding millennial talent to your team (and you should be), having the right recruiting strategy in place is essential. But what does that look like for your organisation? Fortunately, Sparkhire has done the dirty work for you and put together a guide on this specific topic. Inside you’ll find research on millennial expectations, actionable tips on how to present your company on social media to attract talent, the role that mobile recruiting should play in your overall strategy as well as purpose-driven interview questions that you can test out.

4. The Little Book of Workplace Wisdom: 101 Leadership Lessons You Can Actually Use

15five has gathered some amazing insights from some of the top HR leaders and compiled them into an easy-to-digest format. If you’ve ever felt like you needed a reminder on why you got into the business of people, take a read through this ebook -- it’s guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired, motivated and replenished with meaning and purpose.

5. Calculating the ROI of Agile Performance

Performance management processes are in a state of flux. The traditional systems we’ve grown accustomed to are being updated and enhanced to reflect today’s workplaces and employees. These shifts in performance management are not the result of a spur of the moment decision—they are in reaction to years of ineffective performance management cycles. In this whitepaper from Silkroad you'll learn about the benefits of adopting agile performance management, three key metrics you can use to calculate the ROI, and much more.

6. A Case for Employee Recognition

Over 65% of employees report they don’t feel recognised at work. Lack of recognition just happens to be the number one reason why employees quit. Prevent your employees from walking out the door by putting the proper focus on employee recognition. Employee recognition drives employee engagement, and with higher employee engagement comes lower turnover rates and stronger business results. This all-in-one guide from Achievers details why employee recognition is key for businesses, and how to secure senior management buy-in. Learn how employee recognition promotes engagement, creates an infectious work culture that retains top talent, and improves overall customer satisfaction.

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