Rise roundup: Resources for small businesses
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Rise roundup: Resources for small businesses

Megan Orr | October 20, 2022

In honour of small business week, which runs from Oct. 16-22, we’ve compiled a list of resources for small businesses to help them manage their people, time, and culture more effectively.

Small businesses in Canada are defined as companies with 1-99 employees. According to Statistics Canada, “in 2021, small businesses made up 98.1% of all employer businesses in Canada. In addition, small businesses employed 10.3 million individuals in Canada—almost two-thirds (63.8%) of the total labour force”.

Having such a significant impact on the Canadian economy, small businesses need to have all the resources possible to be successful. Here are some of Rise’s essential resources for small businesses. 

Payroll resources for small businesses

Many small businesses combine payroll, finance, and HR functions. Not having a dedicated payroll person can be overwhelming, as there’s a lot of jargon and industry knowledge that is necessary to ensure people get paid accurately and on time. Mistakes can be costly, both financially and when it comes to employee retention. The resources below can help small businesses avoid mistakes and make the best choices for them and their employees when it comes to payroll. 

Simple payroll best practices for small (but growing) teams

Learn about payroll best practices with this list of ways that growing teams can optimize their payroll processes. 

Are you spending too much time on payroll?

Learn how you can spend less time on payroll and more time on what matters most—your people.

Essential payroll glossary

Brush up on the sometimes-complex world of payroll with this detailed glossary of need-to-know payroll terms, from ACH to YTD.

Recruiting resources for small businesses

Recruiting can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned of hiring managers, but can be especially overwhelming when working within the constraints of a small business. It’s important to understand how recruiting sets the tone for company culture and impacts retention as well as talent acquisition. 

How to avoid bias in hiring: Is it a bad ‘culture fit’ or is it discrimination?

Learn how to avoid bias in hiring and create a more inclusive workplace by ensuring that you’re hiring people who add value to your organization.

Better job descriptions for a job well done checklist

Learn how to write compelling job descriptions and which must-haves to include to attract talent.

Health, wellness, and safety resources for small businesses

Having a well functioning human resource department is important, no matter the size of your organization. Although many small businesses may not have a dedicated HR department, that doesn’t mean that their HR functions need to suffer.

How manager-employee check-ins are critical to organizational success

Learn about the critical role that manager-employee check-ins play in fostering a positive employee experience.

Things you might overlook when assessing accessibility in the workplace

Learn about some changes you can implement to improve accessibility in the workplace for your organization.

Why healthy organizations teach employees how to report misconduct in the workplace

Learn why ensuring your employees know how to report misconduct in the workplace protects them and your organization.

Employee leave of absence policy template

This free template helps you get a head start on creating an easy-to-understand employee leave of absence policy.

Engagement and retention resources for small businesses

Keeping employees engaged—and therefore more likely to stay—is one of the most important aspects of creating a positive company culture. 

How to focus on building community in the workplace

Learn how building community in the workplace can be complicated, but is an essential part of creating a positive company culture.

Employee scheduling tips that will save time and foster engagement

Learn how you can manage your time—and team—better with these employee scheduling tips that will keep your employees happy and engaged. 

Push and pull factors in the workplace that are crucial to employee retention

Learn about the push and pull factors in the workplace that might be causing your employees to leave and what you can do to keep them. 

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