How a purpose-driven workplace impacts the employee experience
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How a purpose-driven workplace impacts the employee experience

Rise | January 12, 2021

Creating a purpose-driven workplace is essential for employee engagement and happiness. Employees want to work for organizations that bring meaning to their everyday lives.

According to research by Gallup, a sense of belonging is essential for success—both the employee’s and the company’s. As Gallup writes: “our best selves emerge when we have experiences that connect us and create a sense of belonging”. Just imagine a purpose-driven workplace with employees that believe in and are motivated by your company’s mission.

An organization that is driven by a greater purpose creates value for employees. From the job posting, to hiring and onboarding, performance reviews and exit interview, your company culture of a purpose-driven workplace should always be on display. 

Beyond the usual decisions which influence accepting a job offer—title, salary, benefits, and extra perks—employees increasingly want to work with organizations that align with their own values.

Employees who work at a purpose-driven workplace are the ones who feel a genuine connection to the work they do. They’re invested in the company’s success. 

Companies must showcase their culture for potential candidates to see and in ways that current employees can share also. Whether it’s a worthwhile charity initiative or an exciting new project, potential employees want to see an organization's values so they can determine if those values align with their own. 

In a purpose-oriented workplace, retention will increase. According to a survey by the New York Times, employees who derive meaning from work are three times more likely to stay at their organization.

Overall wellness means having all of an employees’ needs met: physical, mental and emotional.

All aspects of employee wellness being met is described as “doing more of what they do best and enjoy most,” and “feeling connected to a higher purpose at work.” When an employee is aligned with their company’s purpose and is driven towards doing purposeful work, performance, as well as overall happiness, improves. 

As statistics show, employees report “1.7 times higher job satisfaction” and “1.4 times more engagement” at work. Furthermore, according to LinkedIn’s Purpose at Work Global Report, 73% of professionals who identify as purpose-driven are satisfied with their jobs. 

When employees know that the work they do matters, determination and resiliency often increase. Meaningful work is a strong motivator which helps employees tackle problems and challenges with passion and purpose.

As Elizabeth Lotardo, VP at leadership development consulting firm McLeod & More says, “purpose helps keep you grounded in the sense of gratitude and meaning in a way that financial metrics or quarterly targets just don’t”. For sustainable teamwork and company success, having a purpose-driven workplace matters. 

The Harvard Business Review recommends asking the following five questions to help employees identify their own sense of purpose: 

  • What are you good at?
  • What do you enjoy?
  • What feels most useful?
  • What creates a sense of forward momentum?
  • How do you relate to others? 

These questions are all meant to connect employees with their own sense of purpose, as well as to their purpose as it relates to their workplace. 

In team-driven organizations, we have the desire to be part of something bigger than ourselves. 

By focusing on providing a purpose-driven work experience to your people, they will in-turn be enabled and empowered to contribute to your organization’s vision. Creating a foundation on which work can improve life and life can improve work sets the groundwork for a legacy of forward thinking and positive change.

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