Just imagine a purpose-driven workplace with a workforce that believes in and is motivated to fulfill your organization’s mission. For company leaders and people managers, this is the vision to strive for. 

A company that is driven by a greater purpose creates value and makes an impact that is greater than itself. Within this context of connecting to, engaging with, and serving the greater good, work and life coexist together to bring life to work and to bring meaning to work that matters. 

It’s time for employers to elevate the employee experience by cultivating an environment of purpose-driven work.

Driving employee recruitment & retention

Thinking beyond titles, salary, and perks, purpose-driven workers seek fulfillment in employment opportunities through a sense of deep meaning and connection to the work they do.

Jobseekers today are looking for career paths in which they are given the chance to give back. They want to see how organizations are committed to solving problems and making a difference, proving that they have a purpose beyond making profit. To be a place that candidates want to work, companies need to be successful in promoting their company’s purpose through showcasing their culture, values, and mission during the recruitment process.

With a purpose-oriented workplace, retention will increase. According to a survey conducted by Tony Schwartz and Christine Porath of The Energy Project, employees that derive meaning from their work experience are significantly three times more likely to stay with their organization.

Satisfaction and engagement in the employee experience

Among the core aspects of holistic workplace wellness, which include physical wellness, emotional wellness, and mental wellness, spiritual wellness is an often overlooked need within workplace health and wellness. 

The spiritual component of the employee experience is defined by Schwartz and Porath as “doing more of what they do best and enjoy most, and by feeling connected to a higher purpose at work.” When an employee is aligned with their company’s purpose and is driven towards doing purposeful work, sentiments and performance improve. As statistics show, employees report “1.7 times higher job satisfaction” and “1.4 times more engagement” at work. Furthermore, according to LinkedIn’s Purpose at Work Global Report, 73% of professionals who identify as purpose-driven are satisfied with their jobs. 

Motivating your teams to work with purpose

When your people reach the point where they believe that the work they do matters, determination and resiliency grows. Meaningful work is a strong motivator and one that can motivate your employees to tackle problems and challenges with passion and purpose. As Elizabeth Lotardo, VP at leadership development consulting firm McLeod & More says, “purpose helps keep you grounded in the sense of gratitude and meaning in a way that financial metrics or quarterly targets just don’t.” For sustainable teamwork and company success, purpose-driven work matters. 

For people leaders to help their team members identify with their inner purpose and connect purpose to their work, Harvard Business Review recommends asking the following five questions

  • What are you good at doing? To identify one’s strengths
  • What do you enjoy? To rediscover what one loves about their work
  • What feels most useful? To highlight and prioritize the inherent value of certain aspects of their work
  • What creates a sense of forward momentum? To reflect on how today’s work is helping them advance towards future goals
  • How do you relate to others? To think about the relationships that make their work more meaningful

Bringing life to purpose-driven work

In team-driven organizations, we have the desire to be part of something bigger than ourselves. 

By focusing on providing a purpose-driven work experience to your people, they will in turn be enabled and empowered to contribute to your organization’s grand vision. Creating a foundation on which work can improve life and life can improve work sets the groundwork for a legacy of forward thinking and positive change on the communities your company aims to impact.

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