Rise People’s most read blog posts in 2020
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Rise People’s most read blog posts in 2020

Andra Mircioiu | December 31, 2020

Casper Grathwol, the president of Oxford Dictionaries, wrote in a press release that “it’s both unprecedented and a little ironic—in a year that left us speechless, 2020 has been filled with new words unlike any other.” Words such as pandemic, WFH and lockdown.

The Oxford Dictionary, famous for its annual Word of the Year, described 2020 as “a year which cannot be neatly accommodated in one single word”. 

On the Rise People blog, we discussed the new normal of remote work and how to best support employees who had to suddenly transition to working from home. We also looked at hiring and onboarding employees during the pandemic, and how to keep employees engaged and reduce burnout. 

Here are our most-read blog posts of 2020: 

Smart Strategies for Engaging Remote Employees

A recent Gallup workplace study found that “engaged employees produce better business outcomes than other employees do—across industries, company sizes and nationalities, and in good economic times and bad.” Gallup’s study also found that “engaged employees are more present and… Continue reading.

Resilience in the Face of the Unpredictable

There’s nothing quite like a crisis to make you thankful for your regular routine. During the best of times, our routines and plans are a big part of what makes us successful, but they’re even more important in times of crisis. If a worldwide pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we need to… Continue reading.

5 No-Fail Tips for Managing Remote Employees

With the novel coronavirus COVID-19 having a significant global impact on organizations—and people—everywhere, managing remote employees has become the new normal. As people continue to practice social distancing, or in some cases self-isolation, managers now need to… Continue reading.

How to Evaluate an Employee: Remote Performance Reviews

Recently, organizations have had to make significant business adjustments in an effort to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, including transforming all or most employees into remote workers and quickly implementing software such as Google Meet (formerly Google Hangouts) and… Continue reading.

Hire Learning: Onboarding Remote Employees

If you hired someone just before social distancing measures came into effect—or if you’re actively hiring during the COVID-19 lockdown—your onboarding process is likely going to happen remotely, over video calls and instant messages and email threads. For a new employee, learning the… Continue reading.

Back to School for Parents: COVID-19 Support for Working Parents

Back to school for parents usually means shopping for a lot of school supplies, scribbling names on lunch bags, and possibly someone crying. This year, during a global pandemic, parents and children are experiencing even more feelings of anxiety and uncertainty when it comes to the start of the… Continue reading.

Balancing Act: How to Unplug from Work When You’re at Home

Recently, social media company Buffer surveyed 3,500 remote workers from around the globe to get their insights into the pros and cons of remote work. The third biggest struggle of working remotely, just below loneliness and communication struggles, was not being able to disconnect from… Continue reading.

Symptoms of the Times: Occupational Burnout, Career Fatigue and Mental Exhaustion

Most would describe 2020 as a difficult year. In a session from the Home Debate Club, the word most chosen to describe this year was “chaotic.” From raging wildfires to a global pandemic to worldwide political and human rights issues, 2020 has been chaotic indeed—and it’s no… Continue reading.

Remote Team-building Series: Ice Breakers for Remote Teams

The term ‘ice breaker’ comes from the idiom ‘to break the ice’, meaning to become familiar and comfortable with another person. In the workplace, ice breakers are an essential part of team-building and should be a key factor in remote work plans. With many teams still working from home… Continue reading.

Actionable Insights for Conducting a Video Interview

Recently, actor/director Shiri Appleby pitched an original movie to Disney+ executives through Zoom, a popular video communications app. If the project is greenlit, she’s likely to be the first director ever hired by a studio after an online pitch. If you’re a recruiter or hiring manager, you might… Continue reading.

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