HR horoscopes: What your sign says about how you work
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HR horoscopes: What your sign says about how you work

Rise | September 1, 2016

HR is serious work. From managing compliance and administration to giving feedback and terminating employees, your to-do list is perpetually filled with many of your organisation’s toughest tasks.

Perhaps you should take a break from the more serious part of your work and unwind with some light reading: HR horoscopes!

Full disclosure: we are neither astrologers nor experts on horoscopes. Still, we hope these short descriptions give you a bit of a chuckle, if not some clarity and insight. Find your sign below:

Aries (March 21-April 19)

A fire can’t burn without oxygen. You can’t do everything by yourself, Aries—a fact you often forget as a chronic do-it-yourselfer. Say it out loud: delegate. Your team is talented, so let them show you what they can do. Learn to let go and to trust that things will work out. You’re a smart, talented, hard-working person whose keen ability to see paths where others see obstacles is part of what sets you apart. You can still use all of those skills, even when you’re not doing everything yourself.

If you’re looking to hire, remember to keep an open mind. Give a chance to someone you wouldn’t normally consider—they just might surprise you! And when it comes to professional development, don’t rush into anything. You’re learning all the time: ask yourself why you need to formalise that learning. Only invest your time, money, and energy into courses or certificates that will serve you in the long run, and that are things you’re genuinely interested in. Learning is never a bad investment, but be sure to consider the opportunity cost.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Your ability to keep an even keel is enviable. You’re the rock on your team. You’re reliable, open-minded, and steady in your approach. You also know how to think outside the box and give a fresh perspective to old problems. Because of all that, you’re the person people go to in order to vent, complain, and share their challenges. You know more about the people in your office than almost anyone, and you’re a locked vault.

Sometimes, being that go-to person can be exhausting. While it’s good to be supportive of your team, learn when to say, “Not right now.” More than that, learn when you need to lean on someone yourself. People like to be needed, and while asking for help can seem scary, it will actually help strengthen your relationship with that person.

Also, Taurus, have you ever heard of Imposter Syndrome? It’s the sense that you don’t belong—that someone will discover you’re a fraud. While you don’t feel like that all the time, you sometimes feel that way in certain aspects of your life or career. Remember: you belong here. You’re doing an amazing job, and everyone knows it. Don’t be afraid to shout your strengths off the rooftops from time to time, rather than only discussing your weaknesses.

Gemini (May 21-June 21) 

You’re a person who knows what you want. Sure, you may have days (weeks, months) of uncertainty, like anyone. But when it comes right down to it, you have an amazing sense of direction for your own life and career. You’re aware of yourself and your surroundings. You’re observant, smart, detail-oriented, energetic and committed enough to follow-through with what you start. You’re a go-getter in the truest sense.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

When it comes to HR, you’re a go-with-the-flow type of person. Your easy-going nature makes you a likeable asset in your office, and you’re someone who adds huge positive value to your company culture, whether you do so consciously or not. You set an example of great collaboration, and your friendliness means you flow easily between departments and have a finger on the pulse in every area of the company.

You’re a diplomat when conflicts arise at the office. You provide the valuable ability to see things from multiple sides. Don’t forget: gossip makes empires crumble. Don’t act the partisan in public and pick sides behind the scenes -- that’s what makes a workplace toxic.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

Your intelligence and natural talent have allowed you to excel at a variety of things with minimal comparative effort. You seem to just “get” it. You may not always be the best at communicating what you’re good at, but when you get pointed in a direction, you amaze people with the finished product. Because you’re so used to being good at what you do, you sometimes find yourself working on things that are within your comfort zone rather than taking on bigger challenges.

But Leo, growth comes from doing things that scare you. Find someone whose skill set complements yours and take on a project that you both find challenging. It may require more work than you’re used to—you may even fall short of your usual standard of excellence. But don’t stop. Keep working at it. You’re not used to things being that hard or taking that long to pick up, but one of these days you’re going to wake up and realise how far you’ve come.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

As an HR professional, you know that you’re expected to keep a lot of plates spinning at the same time. Build culture, stay compliant, manage administration, source and hire new candidates, handle terminations, give feedback, enhance communication—phew! We’re exhausted just listing the things you’re expected to do in a day. It’s easy to feel flustered as you try to switch your brain between all of these hats. You get distracted, and then you get frustrated, and then you want to pull away.

Remember: humans are simply not that good at multitasking. You’ve gotten exceptionally good at it, considering that fact. Plus, when you put your mind to a project, you produce incredible results. It’s just when you’re getting pulled in a million directions at once that things get complicated. So do yourself a favour: go to a quiet space, unplug, pick one thing, and do it well. And remember: meditation is your friend.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

As you read this, Libra, your face is probably reflecting your feelings. We hope you’re smiling a little bit, or maybe you have a little frown of focus. Regardless, you take on the emotions that are around you. You are an exceptionally empathetic person, and it makes you amazing at HR. You can read situations and people extremely well, and can easily diffuse conflict because you are such an active listener. You not only hear what people are saying, you understand what they really mean.

Taking on the emotions of the people around you can get pretty tiring, so sometimes you need to step back and recharge. That’s okay. People ops pros don’t need to be extroverted all the time. You’re still a people person at heart, and your team knows that. Develop strategies for knowing when you need to step away and be alone. It will make you happier—and more productive—in the long run.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

You’re the person who tells someone if they have spinach in their teeth, or if that shirt really does look bad on them. You do it because you care more about other people than about what they think of you. Your blunt honesty and no-nonsense approach to communication have two repercussions. On the one hand, people know they can trust you. They go to you when they want an honest opinion, not to have their feathers plumed. On the other hand, you can often be villainized (why is it that people seem to always want to kill the messenger?).

In the long run, your honesty will take you far. Good leaders don’t want to surround themselves with sycophants, they want those who will tell it like it is, and no one does that better than you. However, make sure that you know when to keep your mouth shut, Scorpio, especially when it comes to hiring new candidates. It’s valuable that you give honest feedback, but don’t forget to ask their opinion of the candidate process in return. You can dish it, sure, but be a person who can take it, too.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

First, you unloaded the office dishwasher and then you ran an errand for the CEO and then you met a potential candidate for coffee and then you…you get it. You’re the get-stuff-done person on your team. It doesn’t matter what the task is, if something needs to happen, you’ll do it. And you still somehow find time to get your own work done, too. Your endless energy and enthusiasm for accomplishing tasks are enviable. But it’s important that you know when to say, “No” as well. The one thing you don’t always have time for? Yourself. Because after work, you act the same way at home. You take out the trash and finish painting the living room and pick up groceries and…anyways. Develop some tactics for making sure you’re not burning out. Even if you don’t feel like you are, be proactive. Take a vacation. Take a personal day.

All of that being said, your steady work ethic and reliability make you a favourite amongst the higher-ups. You’re a person who works just for the sake of working, but also know that your effort is paying off. Remember: Don’t let them pile more on your plate without due compensation just because they know they can. You deserve to be appreciated.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Your team may be living in 2016, but you’re out in 2026. You see so far down the road that you often leave others in the dust. You’ve got a knack for strategy and big-picture thinking, but also a unique ability to see how the little details fit into the overall plan. And you’re going to go far as a result. While the rest of HR is thinking about the challenges of administration, you’re looking for ways your department can be a strategic partner, adopt new technologies, or revise culture.

Sometimes this can make you a hard person to work with. You’re more concerned with the “what if” than the “what” or the “how.” Fortunately for you, there’s someone on your team who complements you well. Together, you’re able to dream up bold new projects, and then execute them with excellence.

Have a boss who doesn’t believe in your vision? Stick to your guns. Remember to show them the business value of your next big idea, not just the fact that you know it’s where the industry is going. They may need to see numbers before they’ll buy in.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

As someone who’s both original and independent, you thrive in environments where you get to be a one-person show. Although you can easily work in a collaborative environment, it’s the moments when you get to just step back and handle things where you thrive. Look for opportunities to take on more independent projects. Even though you’re working solo, you’re not a silo—you know how to communicate and keep others in the loop.

Plus, the projects you do best at tend to be the ones that benefit others. Perhaps you work at a nonprofit or volunteer your time after-hours. Or maybe you dedicate yourself to helping your team members. Regardless, you’re a person who tends to work behind the scenes, often unnoticed, for the good of those around you. Organisations need more people like you. You’re self-motivated, driven, and passionate about making a positive change. Go, you!

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

You’re clear-headed, focused, and you work harder than almost anyone you know. You see things a little differently than others on your team, but your empathy and ability to see multiple sides make you easy to collaborate with, and you’re considered a steady rock on your team. You’re the glue that holds things together.

Even though you’re great with words, you’re not always the best at communicating when you’ve encountered a hurdle. You tend to handle it in silence until it’s almost too late, and then reach out if you have to. Instead of going it alone, try to plan out as much of your project in advance as you can. That way, you can predict challenges and seek guidance early on. This will reduce stress and anxiety for you, and improves the finished project.

When it comes to hiring, you may not always love the process of sourcing candidates, but you’re a whiz in an interview setting. You’re exceptionally personable and authentic in every single interaction. And even though the termination process is your least favourite (that’s an understatement), your genuine care and empathy towards the employee make you one of the best people for the job. Learn to develop mechanisms for not taking on another’s stress. You can still be supportive, even if you’re not literally feeling their pain.

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