7 steps to creating an effective employee welcome package
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7 steps to creating an effective employee welcome package

Rise | March 5, 2020

An effective employee welcome package goes beyond just welcoming an employee, but also helps them succeed in their role. It's important to know how to create an effective employee welcome package and how to implement it.

Now that you know why an employee welcome package is a necessity for onboarding, it’s time to get into the nitty gritty of putting your welcome package together.

It might seem difficult to get all of the necessary information into a clear, easy-to-read welcome guide, but by following these steps, you should be well on your way to creating an effective document.

1. Gather the information you want to include

This might involve getting feedback from various sources, as mentioned earlier. Make sure you talk to key stakeholders in your business, and get the most up-to-date versions of the information you need.

2. Organize your information

Separate your information into categories that make sense. For example, information on holiday pay and time off would go in a section on payroll and vacation time rather than with welcome materials. Information about the company, its products and miscellaneous information such as maps of the local area should also be separated into sections. Don’t forget to include a table of contents once you have everything organized.

3. Craft your welcome

You or someone else in your organization should write a welcome letter to preface your company’s welcome package for new employees. Remember, this should stay true to your brand and mission, and should inspire new team members to get on board. Some of the other more technical information you’ve gathered for the package might need some tweaking in order to stay consistent with the tone of the greeting.

4. Decide on what else to include

As mentioned above, many businesses provide a few extra goodies to employees, possibly with the company’s branding, in order to help them feel more welcome. Is there something extra that you’d like to include in your welcome package? Perhaps a branded mug, chocolates, a succulent or other?

5. Build a schedule

From the days leading up to an employee’s first day to 90 days after their start, onboarding can be a lot of work. It’s often a good idea to have the employee’s manager give them a call prior to their first day, and you should also contact any employees in any other departments who might work with your new team member. Make sure everyone has time in their schedule before you draw up an agenda for the new employee, and make sure that everyone is aware if a one or three month review is to be conducted.

6. Double check everything

As with most things, it pays to review your work and double check if there was anything you missed that should have been added to the welcome kit.

7. Review and improve

After each employee is brought onboard, be sure to conduct a review of how the process went from their point of view to see if further improvements can be made to your welcome kit. The package might need a makeover if the company rebrands or changes its direction as well.

These seven steps will go a long way toward getting your business started, especially if you’ve never put together a welcome package before.

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