6 effective hacks to boost employee productivity
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6 effective hacks to boost employee productivity

Rise | March 16, 2021

There are many ways to boost employee productivity. We’ve compiled a list of 6 of our favourite productivity tips and tricks to help your organization support employee productivity better.

Remote work has fundamentally changed the way we get things done. As we hit (and surpass) the one-year mark of COVID-19, we must continue to support and encourage activities that boost employee productivity. 

Initial reports in 2020 indicated that overall productivity increased by up to 41%; however, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, that number sits more accurately at about 11%, with 55% of respondents saying that they “were both less productive and less engaged working from home”.

Productivity is extremely important when it comes to engagement and overall happiness. Employees want to be able to do their jobs effectively and feel connected to their work.

Continue reading to learn 6 effective hacks to boost employee productivity.

1. Inspire work with a sense of purpose

An effective way to increase company-wide productivity is to help your employees understand what they’re working towards. Share your company’s goals and progress with employees on a regular basis and discuss how their contributions are supporting your company’s overall vision. Additionally, leaders should create a safe space where employees can voice their opinions and ideas. Feeling heard will not only boost employee productivity in day-to-day tasks, but will also add a sense of meaning and value to your team’s work by knowing they’re a part of something greater.

2. Recognize great performance

When employers praise the accomplishments and achievements of their employees through gestures of appreciation, their employees feel validated and encouraged to continue putting their best efforts forward. Get into the practice of offering positive reinforcements when you see good work being done—your acknowledgment ensures employees feel like an essential part of their team and the company, and as a result, they’ll be more likely to go above and beyond.

3. Have more efficient meetings

Meetings can cut into your people’s work days, leaving them scrambling to complete their tasks. In order to maximize your employees’ productive time, evaluate your company’s meeting schedule. Determine which meetings are necessary to hold and consider changes to existing meetings that make effective sense—whether it’s reducing the frequency or switching to progress updates via email. 

4. Embrace technology in your workflow

Enable your workforce to work smarter by equipping them with tools and applications to help them optimize their performance. Use technology to help streamline, organize, and optimize tasks (with project management apps like Trello) and to assist with administrative tasks (such as using an HRIS software). As remote work continues, helping your people conserve and make the best use of their precious resources will boost employee productivity and allow employees to spend more time on projects that will drive them (and your business) to success.

5. Encourage workplace connections

Your people need good workplace relationships to feel connected to and satisfied with work. According to an infographic by Robert Half, employees who have established a sense of camaraderie with their coworkers are 2.5 times more likely to be happy on the job than those who don’t. Encourage work friendships and provide opportunities for employees to develop connections with their colleagues through team-building activities and other opportunities for social engagement.

6. Be a good leader

As a leader within your company, walk the talk and lead by modeling the values and behaviours you would like your team to exhibit, such as employing listening skills when communicating with team members. When employees have trust and confidence in leadership, they will work harder to perform up to standard. When it comes to your people, make it feel like you’re working for them as opposed to the other way around, as this creates a strong and collaborative team environment.

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