Rise People’s best blogs of 2022
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Rise People’s best blogs of 2022

Rise | December 29, 2022

Our best blogs of 2022 tackle some big subjects. From inclusivity in the workplace to office pet peeves, we talked about a lot this year. Keep reading to see some of the themes from the year, as well as a few of our favourite pieces. 

Can you summarize an entire year into one word? It’s not easy, but every year people try to as they reflect on the year’s end. Transformative, growth, adaptability are ones that come to mind for us at Rise. 

Of course, each year different resources release their own “word of the year”. Permacrisis, or “an extended period of instability and insecurity”, was Collins Dictionary’s choice. Oxford Languages, on the other hand, went with something different, choosing goblin mode as their word of the year, which describes “a type of behaviour which is unapologetically self-indulgent, lazy, slovenly, or greedy, typical in a way that rejects social norms or expectations”. 

Okay, so maybe a single word can’t capture an entire year. But perhaps these 12 best blogs of 2022 from Rise can. 

One of the biggest themes we talked about this year was how to make your workplace more inclusive. 

As workplaces continue to adapt to changing working conditions, many are choosing to refocus their efforts on inclusivity. Here are some of the best blogs of 2022 that explore the ways they’re doing that. 

Things you might overlook when assessing accessibility in the workplace

Accessibility in the workplace is an integral part of creating an inclusive organization. Learn about some of the small changes you can make to create a more accessible workplace… Continue reading. 

Is your organization inclusive for aging employees in the workplace?

The sudden dismissal of long-term reporter Lisa LaFlamme from CTV News has many organizations re-evaluating their own culture and policies around aging employees in the workplace… Continue reading. 

How time off and being inclusive in the workplace are connected

As workplaces continue to diversify, many organizations need to work harder on being inclusive in the workplace and continuing to support each of their employees… Continue reading.

Gender equity in the workplace or the broken rung in the ladder

Gender equity in the workplace can only take place if the entire organization is committed. Here are some of the ways gender inequity is impacting your workforce and what you can do about it… Continue reading. 

Supporting and managing employees with chronic illness

Do you have employees with chronic illnesses? You might be surprised by the number. Here’s what you need to know about reasonable accommodations and how you can better support all of your employees… Continue reading. 

Pride month and performative allyship in the workplace

Performative allyship in the workplace is when organizations seem like they’re allies to different groups of people, but aren’t necessarily actually doing the work behind-the-scenes to be an ally… Continue reading. 

2022 certainly had its challenges, from concerns about employee burnout to issues with turnover and retention, as well as the introduction of the idea of ‘quiet quitting’. 

For many organizations, 2022 was full of growing pains as workplaces worked to adapt to a post-COVID world. Here are some of the “hot topics” best blogs of 2022.  

Don’t call it the Great Resignation, it’s the Great Reckoning

It’s not the Great Resignation anymore; it’s the Great Reckoning, where employees are now in the position of power. How can your organization, and your employees, come out stronger on the other side?... Continue reading. 

How to help employees recover from burnout

Burnout isn’t a new problem, but is a problem that employers and employees alike are facing with renewed concern. Learn how to help employees recover from burnout and why recovery can be complex… Continue reading. 

Quiet quitting and what to do about it in your workplace

Quiet quitting is the newest term attempting to encompass an ongoing trend in the workforce. But what does quiet quitting mean? And is it happening within your organization?... Continue reading. 

How to deal with the challenges of hybrid work

With the challenges of hybrid work just beginning to unfold for many organizations, it’s important that leaders work proactively to create a company culture that can withstand any change… Continue reading. 

2022 allowed for a bit of levity, too.

Now for some of our personal favourites from the year.

A comprehensive list of common (and petty) workplace pet peeves

Everyone has workplace pet peeves, but many employees have been able to avoid the majority of them while working remotely. However, returning to shared workspaces means that employees may find themselves confronted by pet peeves once more… Continue reading.

Things we can learn from The Office’s Michael Scott’s management style

A show famous for its mockumentary style filming and cringeworthy moments, The Office also provides some insights into what it means to be a good manager—or more often, a bad one… Continue reading.

As always, it’s been a pleasure to write about the things that are on Canadian organizations’ minds this year and we look forward to continuing onwards and upwards in the New Year. From all of us at Rise, we wish you a happy New Year and all the best in 2023.

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