20 people and culture gurus you should follow on Twitter
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20 people and culture gurus you should follow on Twitter

Rise | February 18, 2016

There’s a new kind of networking on the horizon. These days, people and culture gurus are taking to Twitter to share insights, start dialogues, and redefine this ever-evolving department. It’s a conversation that every business professional—and certainly all aspiring people and culture (P&C) superstars—should be a part of.

To that end, we’ve curated a list of the top tier social (media) butterflies of the P&C world. Follow them on Twitter and join the discussion. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even earn a spot in our next round-up of online experts.

Meghan M. Biro (@MeghanMBiro)

Meghan Biro is the CEO of TalentCulture, a regular contributor to Forbes magazine, and the co-creator of #TChat, a wildly popular Twitter conversation. With over 100,000 Twitter followers, she’s a master at leveraging social media to build a business. That’s largely due to #TChat, where, as Biro says, “people talk candidly about their own failures and lessons.” If you’re not following her or contributing to #TChat, you’re missing out!

William Tincup (@williamtincup)

This is your source for cutting edge P&C advice. Tincup, a principal analyst with Key Interval Research, tweets content with the perfect blend of humour and helpfulness. Follow him for gems like “Evil Skippy’s Top Ten Ways to Stop Someone From Correcting Your Grammar,” as well as practical tips on the best motivational office music and more.

Tim Baker (@TimBakerHR)

Between volunteering with the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) and coaching his kids’ sports teams, Tim Baker takes to Twitter to share his insights. For him, it’s worth the effort: “There’s value in collaborating with like-minded leaders,” he explains. “It leads to innovation.” If you’re looking for well-curated content on performance and talent management, search no further -- Baker’s your guy.

Steve Browne (@sbrownehr)

Steve Browne is a self-described “HR Radical.” What does that mean? “Too many HR people look at what we do from a traditional lens,” he explains. “It is no longer a support function, but a leadership position.” As part of that, Browne sees Twitter as the way to build a global, forward-thinking people and culture community. His feed is filled with some of his own witty insights along with his peers’ blog posts, so his followers reap the benefits of multiple perspectives.

Stacy Donovan Zapar (@StacyZapar)

The Most Connected Woman on LinkedIn knows a thing or two about networking. A recruiting expert who has worked for companies like TripAdvisor and Restoration Hardware, Stacy Donovan Zapar is leading a movement to reimagine talent acquisition.

Steve Boese (@SteveBoese)

Data security? People analytics? Dry topics are reinvigorated on HR Happy Hour, a podcast that Steve Boese co-hosts. This P&C guru knows that it’s a brave new world out there for industry professionals and he possesses the tech-savvy necessary to help you modernise your own approach. If you can’t make it to the HR Technology Conference, which Boese co-chairs, check out his Twitter feed for engaging content on innovation in the people and culture space.

Jeff Waldman (@JeffWaldmanHR)

Rise loves Jeff Waldman. First, he’s a Canucks fan, which wins him major points with our Vancouver office. But he’s also an online P&C guru in the truest sense of the word. Waldman is working hard to make social media manageable for busy P&C professionals. His SocialHRCamps identify how businesses can best leverage platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, while his personal Twitter account provides a first-rate model.

Shawn Rogers (@ShawnJRogers)

Rogers is a talent attraction specialist, so it makes sense that most of his tweets centre around recruiting and hiring job candidates. But he’s also a wealth of information when it comes to workplace introversion, innovative leadership skills, and effective team-building.

Trish McFarlane (@trishmcfarlane)

Some people deserve the title of ‘game changer’ and Trish McFarlane is one of them. Bored with traditional conferences, she co-founded HRevolution to encourage a different kind of industry collaboration. As CEO of H3 HR Advisors and author of Hrringleader.com, she’s connecting with people and culture professionals around the globe. Whenever McFarlane tweets, we take note—and frankly, we think you should, too.

Craig Fisher (@Fishdogs)

An expert at online branding, Craig Fisher is committed to helping “businesses tell their stories better.” As the CEO of TalentNet, he gets lots of practice—in fact, his advice has been picked up by major companies like Hootsuite and Zappos. Ready to take your social media game to the next level? Follow Fisher’s exemplary lead.

Charlie Judy (@HRFishbowl)

Charlie Judy is a great example of how people and culture professionals can use Twitter to engage with other industry leaders (in fact, he’s had online conversations with many of the people on this list!). Judy is working to make HR “less complex and more valuable…more about the human and less about the resource.” That’s our mission too, so we always love reading his tweets.

Jay Kuhns (@jrkuhns)

Anyone who uses quotes from Dr. Seuss to motivate is a hit in our books, but we also love Jay Kuhn’s thoughtful approach to questions regarding wellness and diversity. This people and culture guru knows that different perspectives are inspiring and that healthy workplaces are productive ones. Visit his Twitter page for a daily dose of encouragement and inspiration.

Pam Ross (@pamelamaeross)

Ross co-produces the Reinvent Work Summit, a yearly conference that aims to “make work awesome for everyone.” Open to only 99 people each year, attendees are afforded the opportunity to delve deep into modern workplace issues and build genuine connections with like-minded people. Can’t grab one of those coveted spots? Following Ross’s Twitter feed is the next best thing to being there.

Ian P. McCarthy (@Toffeemen68)

Ian P. McCarthy, Professor and Associate Dean at Simon Fraser University, shares his insights on strategy, social media, and business operations.. His Twitter feed is comprised of fascinating curated academic articles and studies as well as his own musings, which are both entertaining and enlightening.

Scott Boulton (@HR_ScottBoulton)

“Schedule the time to ‘be social,'” Scott Boulton advises. “Invest in your professional brand.” This certified human resources professional and blogger at The Armchair HR Manager follows his own advice: Boulton’s regular tweets cover everything from social media tips to leadership issues, and always reflect his own modern approach to people and culture.

Joanne Melanson (@joannemelanson)

Want to be a better interviewer? Curious what a ‘civility policy’ might be? Joanne Melanson has you covered. This P&C guru shares a wealth of informative content that can only make you better at your job. We love her friendly, straightforward approach to solving common problems plaguing the people and culture department.

Salima Nathoo (@SocialSalima)

As Talent Development Leader, Salima Nathoo, states: “Authenticity is the new black. It looks good on everyone, especially leaders.”Those are words she lives by, if her Twitter feed is any indication. Follow Nathoo if you like an honest and open approach to people and culture-related management issues.

Kristen Harcourt (@kristenharcourt)

Kristen Harcourt believes social media should be a conversation. She’s a regular contributor to #TChat and talks with other people and culture gurus on Twitter. “It’s not just about broadcasting job postings,” she explains. “It’s about getting to know people.” A senior consultant with The McQuaig Institute, Harcourt is definitely one of those people you should get to know. This veritable people and culture superstar is committed to humanizing the workplace, and her content illustrates that. Follow her for forward-thinking ideas on culture and coaching.

Ambrosia Humphrey (@hambrody)

Self-proclaimed “Social HR Nerd”, Ambriosia Humphrey, is a solid resource for building company culture. On her Twitter feed, you’ll find informative articles along with pictures of her team in action, proving that an awesome workplace atmosphere can (and should) exist.

Angela Bortolussi (@ABortolusssi)

Bortolussi isn’t your average headhunter. Sourcing IT pros and creatives in LA and Vancouver, she’s all about providing a unique connection with her clients and candidates. In her spare time, you can catch her speaking at tech schools and meetups (she’s even learning how to code!).

No one wants to be a follower—except in this case. When it comes to our top 20 people and culture gurus, there’s everything to be gained from clicking that ‘follow’ button. But don’t leave it at that. Again and again, our gurus told us that Twitter is a forum for conversation. Talk back, build your personal brand, and watch your own following grow. Happy tweeting!

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