How integrated payroll solutions are critical to the success of Canadian accountants, bookkeepers, and small businesses
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How integrated payroll solutions are critical to the success of Canadian accountants, bookkeepers, and small businesses

Megan Orr | February 28, 2023

Rise recently announced its integration with Xero, a global cloud-based accounting software platform for small businesses. This integration represents an important requirement for accountants, bookkeepers, and small businesses: for technology and tools to be all-in-one.

Our clients often share that, before switching to Rise, they did everything everywhere: tracking payroll in one place, using Excel to count vacation days for employees, relying on email for recruiting, and so on… not to mention having to remember individual logins for each application. 

It’s the double-edged sword of the digital age. Organizations can find a solution for everything, but not a solution that does everything. Rise is a truly all-in-one people management solution—and now even more so with our new integration with Xero. 

With the Xero integration, small business owners as well as financial professionals such as accountants and bookkeepers are able to effortlessly map journal entry items to their account and sync payroll data from Rise to Xero easily. For clear insights into operational expenses, you can map whole organizations, departments, or individual employees. Enjoy extra peace of mind with automatic built-in checks for report balances before syncing with Xero.

Many platforms that claim to be all-in-one payroll solutions still require manual data entry. 

Having to export information from one system to another or manually re-enter data is not only time consuming but also introduces the risk of errors. When it comes to paying your people accurately and on time, you quite literally can’t afford to make mistakes. Studies have shown that employees have little tolerance for errors when it comes to their pay cheques, with 49% of workers reporting that they will begin looking for a new job after just two mistakes. 

All-in-one payroll solutions make running payroll much more seamless, reducing errors, automating compliance, and minimizing manual data entry. 

The Rise and Xero integration gives accountants, bookkeepers, and small business owners the ability to:

  • Skip multiple logins and review all clients from one single dashboard 
  • Generate and download standard or custom reports at any time
  • Connect with our Canadian-based support team by phone, email, or live chat
  • Sync all payroll data to Xero easily
  • Save hours of work by reviewing all bookings and invoicing clients from one place 

Learn more about the Rise and Xero integration.

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