In the workplace, creativity is key to establishing a work culture that your workforce engages in.

Prioritizing the value of challenging the way things have traditionally been done through the introduction of new ideas and the creation of new methods of doing things will encourage your employees to stretch their talents. By enabling your people to explore their potential by tapping into the creative process, your company will unlock new opportunities for business innovation and growth.

Here are a few ways to ignite the spark of creative thinking and unleash creative opportunities at work.

Fostering an inclusive and fun team environment

A truly team-based environment in which connections are developed through collaboration and fun can forge genuine camaraderie that is necessary for innovative teamwork. Managers will notice a remarkable difference when the effort is made to break down the silos that hold departments inward. Giving employees the opportunity to venture out, work together with other colleagues, and see what is happening in other areas of the company will allow for ideas and inspiration to flow freely across departments.

Additionally, humour can strengthen team building and inclusivity. From funny office banter on the teamwide Slack channel to dropping clever wordplay into your next departmental meeting, a playful company culture allows for a convivial mood that is the gateway to further creative expression and thought generation. Laughter heard as shared between co-workers is the sound of team bonding and collaboration.

Promoting creativity through office design

Today’s forward-thinking companies are cultivating cutting-edge office spaces that are designed to set the tone for the company and to bring people together, with design and layer concepts such as open spaces, hot desking, communal work areas, modern furniture, and vivid colours. These elements create an atmosphere in which employees feel more open and comfortable with utilizing your office to the fullest potential.

Providing freedom and flexibility in how work is done

Sometimes a change of scenery can do the trick to get the creative juices flowing. Every now and then, switch up your team routine with off-site and walking meetings. By venturing outside of their regular territory, your employees will have the chance to creatively think outside of the box they’re used to.

The flexible work policy method is known to be beneficial for increased work productivity, supporting employees in terms of cutting down transportation time and allowing for work-life balance. Additionally, it can lead to the development of new skills that allow your people to bring out an increased sense of creativity.

Offering the space for knowledge sharing

In addition to sending employees out to conferences and seminars to build their expertise, utilize the various skills and knowledge of your people in-house. There is no shortage of talent and intelligence within your team just waiting to be passed on. Encourage your people to share what they know and what they can do with their teammates. This can help your team members discover a new interest or passion that they can learn more about or develop and use towards their role. At Rise, we host lunch and learns, in which teammates can share skills such as Excel tips, LinkedIn profile best practices, and guided meditation. In providing a platform for your people to engage in knowledge exchanges, they will benefit from professional development in the forms of thought leadership, increased confidence, and increased creativity.

Encouraging the practice of self-reflection

When the workload picks up, it’s easy for your people to get so focused on their work and forget to think about the significance of what they are accomplishing. Get your people into the regular habit of conducting self-reflection check-in. This exercise can allow your people to reflect on what they are achieving and help them discover connections that may inspire or support their current and future projects at work.

Supporting employees in taking risks

Cultivate an office culture that rewards creative risk-taking. One reason why employees are not thinking out-of-the-box or proposing different solutions is due to the fear of making mistakes and not having their creativity supported. At every turn, guide your people into knowing the importance of creativity to your business. This can be communicated clearly by being receptive to their new ideas and recognizing risk-takers for the impact they’ve made.

As well, be open to feedback and suggestions from your people, whether through an open door policy or through offering an anonymous outlet for those who wish to share their thoughts privately.

Over to you

Innovation breeds innovation. People who live by the examples of being curious, having an open mind, finding meaning, getting inspired, experimenting often, and taking risks will develop the solutions and services that will transform your organization by setting your company apart from others in your industry. 

The more you encourage and support creative thinking at your company, the more it will become an essential part of your company culture.

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