Engage Employees

Engage Employees

Put your people first with an HR platform that they’ll use—and love.

  • Connect everyone in the company and bring your culture to life
  • Empower employees with tools that contribute to productivity, collaboration, and happiness
  • Enable your people to manage their time and attendance, benefits, and vacation schedule
  • Fuel personal employee experiences to help them achieve their best at work
Empower Managers

Empower Managers

Help managers focus on the person and the experience, not the process.

  • Identify what’s working and what could be improved on the team
  • Reward great performance and help employees realize their full potential
  • Get a comprehensive view of an employee’s life within the company, rather than relying on pieces gleaned from past reviews or impressions
  • Keep a pulse on employee sentiment and satisfaction
Reimagine HR

Reimagine HR

Reinvent HR with a people-focused solution.

  • Improve engagement, strengthen culture, foster leadership, and capitalize on new ways of working
  • Reimagine every aspect of the employee experience: how people interact; how managers spend their time; and how your company selects, trains, engages, and evaluates people
  • Craft and shape personal employee experiences that reflect the company’s culture
  • Eliminate admin busywork and automate routine HR tasks so you can focus on what matters: your people
Wow Executives

Wow Executives

Impress the C-Suite with employee experiences that boost the bottom line.

  • Access all your HR, benefits, and payroll data in one place
  • Create unlimited, detailed reports to understand your business and make smart decisions
  • Improve efficiency and accuracy across the board
  • Save time, reduce costs, and invest in people to drive business results