Senior Software Engineer (JavaScript/TypeScript)

Department: Development   Location: Development | Burnaby, BC

It’s your experience that counts

Rise is Canada’s complete HR-Payroll-Benefits solution that gives businesses everything they need to build loyal and productive teams — all in one place.

When you step through our doors, you’ll discover a workplace that brings people together to innovate and succeed. We’re a forward thinking group of individuals that believes in building strong relationships, challenging one another, and fostering an open environment of dialogue and creativity.

Headquartered in Vancouver, we serve hundreds of businesses and thousands of employees across Canada and have big plans to grow. We care deeply about our employee experiences and support each individual with our own HR + Benefits solution that we all trust.

At Rise, it goes without saying that we have a lot of fun, and we’d really love you to join us. We aim to provide you with the most positive, challenging, and transformative experience of your career.

This could be you

We are seeking relentlessly curious, deeply ambitious Senior Software Engineers ready to take on a big role. We’re a small — but fast-growing — team that is dedicated to producing truly exceptional software, and as an early Senior Software Engineer on our team, you’ll have the opportunity to make a massive impact.

Here’s what you’ll be doing

#1) Driving the development of large-scale features and projects

You’ve developed a facility with software architecture and design that lets you confidently and skillfully drive the development of large-scale projects, from a big new feature, to a major refactor. You’re able to articulate and weigh the trade-offs between various implementations, and while you are undaunted by essential complexity, your experience has taught you to be biased towards simplicity and pragmatism. You weigh not just technical considerations when making your decisions, but also the business context surrounding your work.

#2) Helping grow the team

Being a great senior engineer is about more than just writing and shipping code. A key responsibility of any senior engineer at Rise is helping to grow the team. This takes many forms, like mentoring more junior engineers, doing code reviews, sharing your knowledge in the form of internal talks, presentations, and docs, and being a sounding board and a source of expertise for others as they work on hard problems.

#3) Practicing extreme ownership and pushing for improvement

You are never content with the status quo. As a senior member of the team, it is expected that you will demonstrate extreme ownership and relentlessly agitate for improvement.

Your qualifications

  • 5+ years of experience as a software engineer working in complex domains and large products
  • Proficient in JavaScript (including ES7+ syntax). TypeScript experience is a big bonus.
  • Advanced-level experience in at least one of these technologies: Angular, NestJS, Express.js, or another Node.js web framework
  • Proficient in systems design and architecture, including expertise in domain modeling, distributed systems/microservices architecture, relational database modeling, and/or REST or GraphQL API design
  • Kind, empathetic, and pleasant to work with
  • Passionate about continually learning and developing
  • Adamant in your commitment to shipping high-quality, well-structured and maintainable code
  • Driven and entrepreneurial: we’re a fast-growing, scrappy startup, and we prefer candidates that are experienced working in a fast-paced environment
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