The past year has been scary. Unemployment has gone up, with companies implementing hiring freezes, and mental health issues have increased, with as many as 40% of Canadian adults saying that “their mental health has declined since [last] March” due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Jobless workers are wondering: Should I even bother applying? Employees who want a change are wondering: What if I get a new job and then get laid off? 

Making a career change and starting a new role can be overwhelming at the best of times, but Rise People currently has some exciting opportunities

Through the tangle of negative media we read on the daily, companies that are still actively hiring are also actively working with their employees—new and current—to ensure that everyone feels safe during the pandemic by offering remote work (at least initially) and virtual onboarding. 

However, with the unemployment rate currently at 9.4% (the highest since August), competition for jobs is high. How can you make yourself stand out when applying to Rise, or to any other organization?

Research what the company’s looking for—before applying

Doing your research is a really important step in the application process. In fact, it should be your first step. Start by reviewing the job description. What skill sets are they looking for? What technical background or experience does the job description mention? 

When writing your cover letter and resume, speak to your strengths and how you match the job requirements. Customizing your cover letter and resume for each role and company can help you stand out when applying. 

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Be patient but know the right ways to follow up

Recruiters and hiring managers have a lot going on: navigating new policies and procedures, working and onboarding virtually from home, attending Zoom meetings… We’re doing our best to get back to candidates as soon as possible, though it may not always be as soon as you’d hope. 

When job searching, it’s important to switch your mindset to one of patience and understanding. The best thing you can do is apply and put it out of your mind. 

One thing you should keep in mind to stand out when applying? Following up. Sending a thank-you note is always appreciated after an interview. Just because hiring is now primarily remote doesn’t change the fact that recruiters want to know that you’re still enthusiastic about the position. After all, a job interview goes both ways, with the interviewer and the interviewee deciding if the job is the right fit. 

Apply what you’ve just learned, and apply to Rise 

At Rise, we aim to provide you with the most positive, challenging, and transformative experience of your career. We offer a comprehensive benefits package (that kicks in right away, not after probation), a guilt-free work from home policy and excellent career growth opportunities (to name just a few of our perks). 

Check out our job board for our current open roles and please apply if you find any that are a good fit. We’d love for you to join us. 

About Melissa Jaalaid

Melissa is the Technical Recruiter at Rise People. She has 10 years of experience connecting people with their dream jobs. Melissa is also a yogi who’s passionate about health and wellness both at work and outside of work. 


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